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lil baby

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lil baby
  • Bubba Sparxxx Hey! (A Lil' Gratitude)
    "(feat. Timbaland) Yeah I'm a country boy, but I'm a player too All up in your city flexin' down the avenue But I ain't mad at you dog, that's what I had to do That least that you could do is gimme a lil'"
  • B2K Sneaky (Ft Lil Fizz)
    "Sneaky feat. Lil Fizz Sneaky when your gettin freaky Ooh I can't believe it How you got me, where you got me I don't know Keep sneakin, creepin, I'll be peepin Why you thinkin that you're sneakin on the"
  • Mack 10 Get A Lil Head
    "Intro: Mack 10 This goes out to all them niggas, that got the ups on these hoes And that willy, don't give a mad ass fuck about a bitch Tell em Techniec.... Verse One: Techniec, CJ Mac Listen up baby,"
  • Xscape Your My Lil Secret
    "See, baby your my lil secret (secret, secret) if you dont tell, I wont tell and that's how we gotta keep it (x2) Did anybody see ya, commin to my house last night When I got your message in my beeper that"
  • Jhene Dog Feat. Lil Fizz
    "whoa Platinum Status whoa Bringin you the heat You were playin games on me I'm your new enemy No,no Now cause we'll never be Jhene your a dog Why'd you go and do that Know it didn't work You were playin"
  • LSD (Sia, Labrinth & Diplo) Genius (Lil Wayne Remix)
    "i am a genius under question no question i am really special upper echelon when I bleess you molest you with intellectiual it’s pleasure it gets sexusl women lemon complexion quick connections the ejections my"
  • KYLE iSpy (ft. Lil Yachty)
    "Man, fuck What's wrong Kyle? Man, these kids, man, talkin' shit, makin' me feel bad Man, fuck them kids, bro! Look around, bro, look at life Man, you're right Mmm, you see? You see these fine bitches over"
  • Warren G Just A Lil' Bit
    "Intro (Warren G) You know what? Play it back a little Lemme hear what it sound like real quick (Malique) Thats how you do that Back in Long Beach Warren? Same ish? (Warren G) Same ish (Malique)"
  • Kelly Rowland Ice (feat. Lil Wayne)
    "You're like ice I-C-E, feels so nice Scorching me, you're so hot hot Baby your love is so hot hot Pull up, she been purring like a kitten Cravin' your love I've been counting down the days you been gone A"
  • Quality Control, Lil Baby, & DaBaby Baby
    "Ej, ej hummm rest in pece to bankroll show ‘em how to do it baby goin’ crazy he been getting’ straight to it I done caught so many flights I end up fucking; all the stewardesses catch me in Atlanta mno"

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