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lois be true to yourselfe tekst tlumaczenie

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lois be true to yourselfe tekst tlumaczenie
  • Eric Benet True To Myself
    "Everybody wants to rise above Without a touch of dignity Without a stroke of love Take a little time and check yourself To live the life you're praying for Just be true to yourself CHORUS: I'll be true"
  • Chris Rea True To You
    "When the time comes around I want you to know You can count on me When it all comes down You'll know where I'll be Standing right next to you 'cos I'll be true to you I'll be true to you When the days"
  • Incognito True to myself
    "Things are not always what they appear to beBeneath the calm exteriorThere can be a soul on fireTruth is not always what the eyes can seeThe smile upon our facesCan disguise our pain and hide the traces*Sometimes"
  • Kim Wilde True To You
    "Written by Kim Wilde & D. James I'll be true I won't lie baby Trust me when I say You're asking me where is it we go from here The answer is open in my mind Who knows where we'll end our journey Love is"
  • Metro Station True To Me
    "She turned me on, but now I'm shaking She shoots it in, and I keep taking They don't see She's down with me tonight It's time to push off She's such a rush She's such a crush She's one in a million She's"
  • Vanessa Amorosi True To Yourself
    "Somewhere in the distance I can see a mirror of myself Who I hope to be someday Fidding my reflection always there but mean so hard to see When it's so clear, Clear to me that When the world arises Reach"
  • Ziggy Marley True To Myself
    "True to Myself Life has come a long way since yester day (I say) And it's not the same old thing over again (I say) Just do what you feel and don't you fool yourself (I say) Cause I can't make you happy"
  • LaLaine True to me
    "I never believed in the word lonelyEven when I found myself all aloneI never needed someone else to want meTo make me feel wanted"Cause deep inside I've always knownWho I amAll I am is True to meFaithfullyIn"
  • Gotye True To You
    "I'll be true to you (x4) Another former lover man Come crawlin' back again So you wanna make it good You say you needa be understood Well you should know There can't be no understandin' When all you got's"
  • Royksopp True To Life
    "When I walk up to your door When I walk into your room and open windows Can you hold it in your hand Can you make me understand the tension, the pressure And I know just it means to be left out all alone I"

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