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  • Non Parliamo - Gruppo Tredici
    "To dzień jak co dzień To dzień jak co dzień bliski twój czas nie potrzeba zegarka ile sam jesteś wart wyliczę ci na palcach wypale sobie grama na melanżu coś podziałam wypale sobie grama taka ilość"
  • Non Believer - Joel Plaskett
    "I dont believe there is a plan Feels too much like an accident I stumble blindly into your life This non-believer We walk under these city lights We stand under the darkest nights And I cant imagine anything"
  • Non Credere - Pastora Soler
    "No, no, no... non credere no devuelvas al viento, en un sólo momento lo que siento yo por ti. No, no, no... escchame, tu sers algo muy banal, su capricho, un juego ms y t eres mi vida. Si ella"
  • Non entity - Nine Inch Nails
    "The sky is not the same shade of blueEvery single thing I believe isnt trueMissing in the maze of monochromeHow did I get here, how can I go homeThe echoes in my eyes, of all they used to seeBurning down"
  • Non believer - La Rocca
    "She belongs somewhere else, away from my side so run with what you got, and chase with what you need i believe the faithful fell, didn't know their way back so far away from home, but brother we're not"
  • Non-fiction - Exit East
    "Welcome to non-fiction, Welcome to the pain, Welcome to the madness, Of black and white and gray, Say, hello to the sadness, Of every day, CHORUS This is the way, this is the way it works, (Hes) Taken"
  • Non-Divine - At The Gates
    "From cold storms I emerge to inferno Kiss me with your insanity, bless me with your plague Burn through my head The psychic treasures in the arena to find Dead symbols that walk through the dreams of"
  • Non-toxic - I Can
    "I'm One of Those Things You Save Forever But Never NeedLike An Old Newspaper no One Has Time to ReadThis Child Has Grown Into a Dead EndSince I Lost the Power to PretendBut It's Alright, That's Who I Am"
  • Non-toxic - SR 71
    "I'm one of those things you save forever but never needLike an old newspaper no one has time to readThis child has grown into a dead endSince I lost the power to pretendBut it's alright, that's who I am"
  • Non Toxic - SR-71
    "I'm one of those things you save forever but never need Like an old newspaper no one has time to read This child has grown into a dead end Since I lost the power to pretend But it's alright, that's who"

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