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  • Man To Man - Allan Gary
    "Allan Gary Alright Guy Man To Man You're throwin' around a lot of serious accusations Ain't too hard to tell what you're insinuatin' You think I'm the one who stole her away If not for me she'd still be"
  • Man And Man - Babycham
    "Intro: Yo......Yo Yo!!!....Yo!!!...Yo Yo!!!, Yo Yo!!! Yo!.....Yo Yo!!!....Yo!.....Yo Yo!!!, Yo! Verse 1: Mi and dem nuh grounds man, so mi haffi frounds man Sit dem down and tone man, hug up wid"
  • Man To Man - Joni Mitchell
    "No demands Just pleasurable sensations Hand in hand No far reaching plans No, no-hand in hand Well I keep on trying to understand Daylight bright How come I keep moving From man to man to man? Giving my"
  • Man To Man - Gary Allan
    "You're throwin' around a lot of serious accusations Ain't too hard to tell what you're insinuatin' You think I'm the one who stole her away And if not for me she'd still be yours today We're both men here"
  • Man Against Man - Fifteen
    "Fuck Marxism Fuck Socialism Fuck Capitalism Fuck Anarchism White man's got a whole lot of solutions White man's got a whole lot of problems White man's got a lot of bright ideas White man like to play"
  • Man To Man - Dorian Electra
    "you know I am not straight but ima say it straight to you and look you in the face every time I talk to you I wanna be clear and not convolute I’ll say what I mean I expect the same from you so you wanna"
  • Man, Oh Man - Undercover (US)
    "Man, oh man Where have you been? What have you done? What have you seen? Man, oh man Why did you run? Why did you hide Under the gun? Walked the garden The cool of day What did you hear When you stole"
  • Man To Man - Hot Chocolate
    "If someone tells you there's no other form of life And you believe in that too. I'm gonna tell you 'bout the other night I swear that true. A cloud of white and gren and flying ships I've never seen Came"
  • Can't uo nuttin' for ya man - Public Enemy
    "Runnin' for your life, by the knifeRunnin' from your wife ... yipesYou should've stuck with homeYour mind to blow your domeIt was you that chose your dueYou built a maze you can't get throughI tried to"
  • My mean is a mean man - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Na na nan nana na nan naI swear to tell the truthAnd nothing but the truthLoving him aint easyHe's bad bad newsMama says:" use your head you dont need himLook at all the shit he pulled you through."Papa"

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