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mf grimm

  • 2 Joints - South Park
    "(intro: dum-dum and happy p) (lighting a joint) (coughs) (dum-dum) Go head maan Boy that's 5 (happy p) That's got to be (verse 1: dum-dum and happy p) (dum-dum) I hit it from worst ways After the first"
  • Since Day 1 - South Park
    "f/ Grimm, Ike Man It's been a lot of years I've been knowing these boys See the thing with us If I got a Benz I hope they drive a Rolls Royce Chunk like the deuce on my junior high bus Staying together"
  • Somethin' I Would Do - South Park
    "(SPM) I ain't got the last two sentences to this verse (Grimm) Then just freestyle it (SPM) Alright, I can do that First Verse (SPM): Bring it back, drop the top on the 'Lac Screw put the tap on the"
  • Since Day 1 - South Park Mexican
    "(feat. Grimm, Ike Man) It's been a lot of years I've been knowing these boys If I got a Benz I hope they drive a Rolls Royce See the thing with us Staying together is a must Chunk like the deuce on my"
  • Don't Hide It - South Park Mexican
    "(feat. Bing, Grimm, Ikeman) Automatics be kicking, reloaded streets done exploded And hopeless, lost on the dro'ded armored soldiers The fully loadest, book was strong as bullets recorded lead oldies Pour"
  • Blacklist - Aesop Rock
    "Keep in mind this flow is used for practice. Even so still top choice off the tracklist. Far as I know we've been blacklist For as long as the earth rotate on a 23 degree axis. (MF Doom) I can stop any"
  • I Love Being A Gangsta - MAJOR FIGGAS
    "Shit Uh huh MF Next Millenium Uh Its real live here God damn playa I love being a gangsta! I got ah million dollar face and uh million smile And uh million dollar flow and ah million dollar style And"
  • R.A.P. G.A.M.E. - Viktor Vaughn
    "(MF Doom/Viktor Vaughn-Talking) This is an editorial funded by rhymers against phony gangsters and mainstream evil The Supervillain (Manchild) I showed up lampin with a soul strut anthem And a plan to"
  • Doper Skiller - Viktor Vaughn
    "(MF Doom/Viktor Vaughn) ..People came from miles around to hear Vik rock it He learned a few new styles since a two year old pick pocket Kra-dow! Sad how sickenin Now get retarded like mad cow kickin in Yik!"
  • Can't Tell Me - Soldiers Of Jah Army
    "I like women and I love getting high, I like a house and a car just fine but I love Jah and creation too, and I don't really care if it's all right with you. I love my family even the bald heads, and I"

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