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Teksty piosenek (1976)

michale kors vanillahajs

  • Exit - Michale Graves
    "Please excuse my attitude While I shove you through the door Broken bones and mirror seams Reflecting all that's wrong So here's to you and what you are And what you have become Got as good as it'll get I'll"
  • Godzilla - Michale Graves
    "Godzilla King of the monsters Go get Hedora Destroy all monsters Godzilla versus Mothra Versus Gigan On Monster Island Here comes Tokyo The shadow from the sea Kaiju Eiga, atomic energy Godzilla, Rodan"
  • Iridescent White Lights - Michale Graves
    "stirring is the scent of seduction up here in this room the candle flame licks her lips that somehoe seem to swell and she takes a deep breath again iridescent white light a bone chill wind moves up the"
  • Nobody Thinks About Me - Michale Graves
    "Good morning and good bye I'll Get to my agenda Fourth period, Jesus Christ I'm the one you terrorized I'm too tired and it's too late To have this conversation Zone into destruction The whole world ignores"
  • One Million Light Years From Her - Michale Graves
    "begin the sucking son wakes me up at night the ghost of innocence turns off the light and i can't breath! i'm chocking on my lungs and i can't stay in your spaceship no more! they know my name they know"
  • Ophellia - Michale Graves
    "a garbage can acid trip i am living in a world of feeling food and trash i'm caught beneath the nails of a cold corpses' hand haunted memories of who i am dear ophelia i'm trying to tell them I have scared"
  • Punk Rock Is Dead - Michale Graves
    "Problems you can't identify Slave to your TV I'm not your mainstream demon I'm your icon, beautiful monster Resurrect, coming back to haunt you Tear down your ignorance Destroy your fabricated accessories You're"
  • Queen Taste - Michale Graves
    "Up in the haunted hills of Halloween Lived a monster god and His beautiful serpent demon queen She slides on her belly She craves meat, something sweet Down in the village Where the poor folk dwell Trick"
  • Radio Deadly - Michale Graves
    "Will you dance Two step killers Violent moshing circles Sick romance Absorb transmission Will you storm Bangers, boots and Bodies crushing bodies Picked up off the floor You'll die to hear favorite song Radio"
  • Shoestring - Michale Graves
    "calling planet anywhere i think i'll crash the ship again i try to gain control of the controls i'm losing falling through space again the sea water's deep and swollen try to gain control of the controls i'm"

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