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mlode wilki 6

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mlode wilki 6
  • Superdrag 6/8
    "I've been wasting, wondering where you are I've been wondering if you'd be my star I never knew your secret, I can keep it somewhere in my throat I've been jonesing, droning for your heart I could use"
  • Frodus 6/99
    "We could disappear, in echoes. We could disappear, in the lives of those we love. I thought hope was lost. I tried not to look back. Haunted by darkened thoughts, the void drew me closer. Until we"
  • Mustasch 6:36
    "I'm piled up high the morning light a giant silver screen I'm waiting for my mind to land I'm living in a dream YEAH I'm a wizard I got magic sticks I'm drinking liquid gold The taste of metal in my"
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls Motel 6
    "friday, we're bored because there's no place to play the promoters are fucked because we can't draw a crowd practice all week to play in my living room gigging once a month where no one likes what you"
  • Hey Monday 6 Months
    "You're the direction I follow To get home When I feel like I can't go on You tell me to go And it's like I can't feel a thing Without you around Don't mind me if I get weak in the knees 'Cause you have"
  • Nevermore Sentient 6
    "I am sentient number six, I stand in line I am the prototype of a beign convenience for mankind Superior is digital, human flesh so trivial I hate that I can't see the one that made me I am the new awakening"
  • Open Hand 6/26
    "what's inside far away, separation I don't know now looking back far away falling down inside I'm so helpless I want you under I want you on my side you said to me "I want you on my side" I knew"
  • Gourds January 6
    "Waiting for the lozenge to clear yer throat So you can stand up and say all the words you wrote All along the fences, all along the lines Yer gumption's fading and the honeysuckle's dyin' Honeysuckle's"
  • Normalsi Na 6
    "Ktoś chyba mądry kiedyś powiedział, żeSny, tak jak krew w żyłach twych zamknięte sąKrólu-zapytałem, czemu nie mogę więcWejść, kiedy chcę, potem wyjść, nie domykać drzwiSłuchaj-odpowiedział-słuchaj rycerzu"
  • Jebediah Superhero 6
    "Ready? La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Almin's late, he's late again Well he probably won't show, it's just not fair Almin's late, he's late again Well he probably won't show, it's just not fair "

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