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  • Prey - Sundown
    "The neon's burning bright My angel just comes out at night Let's get out of here The ignition's kicking into gear Your body's bound for glory Watch you slither on the floor My favourite bedtime story Drug"
  • A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun, Part I - Mayhem
    "Development came like a sudden death in the family No one could foresee the coming of In the multi layers of paralyzed christened lies But which the earth exploded And bodies burned to ashes The leader"
  • 21st Century - Oxymoron
    "Let gratify your inmost desires click it on ?that all you must do and right on your screen there porno queens, all the rest youe dreamed of, too. Or check (out) the ultimative site where your need satisfied is"
  • Obsession - Killing Joke
    "London, New York, Paris, TokyoAll is one with the multi-nationalsTotal monopolies I can sink or swimAdrenalin is rushing through every actionWhole nations crave for release from the suspenseAnd I explode"
  • Crunchy Lady - Malachi Crunch
    "Crunchy Crunchy Well you know you are a sweet little peacemaker Crunchy And you know you are a gender role breaker Crunchy I want you to take me home But I got a Y chromosome I got to be all yours, indoors Crunchy"
  • Dehumanization - Meshuggah
    "A new level reached, where the absence of air lets me breatheI'm inverted electrical impulses. A malfunctioning death-code incompleteAll things before me, at first unliving glimpse undecipheredIts semantics"
  • 667 - wigwam
    "[(Devil-like voice talks) It was a dark and cold night somewhere in Norway... They all sat down in the studio, and listen to was to become the "Neighbour of the Beast" album.. at the end of the record,"
  • Mad - Sigue Sigue Sputnik
    "US bombs cruisin' overhead There goes my love rocket red Shoot it up.... Shoot it up.... Blaster bomb bomb bomb ahead Multi millions still unfed Amondo teeno givin' head Shoot it up.... Shoot it up.... Hold"
  • As I Came Of Age - Sarah Brightman
    "Sorting through my things See what I can find Picking through the past See what's left behind Multi-colored sweaters That moths have eaten holes A paire of breaded mocassins with worn out soles Boots"
  • Love Missile F1-11 - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "US bombs crusin' overhead There goes my love rocket red Shoot it up Shoot it up Blaster bomb bomb bomb ahead Multi Millions still unfed A mondo teeno givin' head Shoot it up Shoot it up Hold Me shake me,"

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