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nicki minaj moment 4life

  • I Get Crazy - Nicki Minaj
    "(feat. Lil' Wayne) I just came out of the mutherfuckin Old School Got my Mac notebook with the Pro tools Yahh Bitches ain't ready for Nicki Lewinsky Bad "WOOF WOOF" flyer then a Frisbee So I'm' up in"
  • Doin It Well - Nicki Minaj
    "(feat. Jadakiss) Ay yo yo yo Ay yo WHAT! Muthafucka you know who it is, ya mean, you boi the muthafuckin everything I'm everything, (HaHaHaaa) But we neither here nor there this is for ma muthafuckin"
  • Can Anybody Hear Me - Nicki Minaj
    "You (you), I would (Davaughn on the beat) lean on me you baby you baby I Push it I Push it Like I'm In Labour And He'll Teach Me To Love My Neigbour, Just What Way of Processin All tha data- Processin"
  • Lazytown Theme (Nick Jr) - Nickelodeon
    "Welcome to lazytown a place where you want to stay You'll meet Robbie and his rotten plan And Sportacus saving the day Stephanie is new in town, but soon she and Ziggy are friends With Pixel, Stingy, and"
  • Set It Off - Nicki Minaj
    "Chea, NICKI MINAJ, DIRTY MONEY, YOUNG MONEY Yo y da fuk dese lil bitches always talkin shit about what dey did and I dnt give a fuk bitch! NICKI LEWINSKI luk When u was on stage with ya brain on"
  • Itty Bitty Piggy - Nicki Minaj
    "Ayo I was on da plane with da Wayne You can call me Whitley I go to Hill man Listen, I'm da baddest in da school, da baddest in da game Escuse me honey, but nobody's in my lane When you was in new york"
  • Sunshine - Nicki Minaj
    "(feat. Lil' Wayne) Ayo young money niigga. Hello brooklyn. President carter. Nicki Lewinsky. Me and the dread yo. Give him some head blow. Lonq as he kno he keep me fliier then a red bull. Don't qiive"
  • Playtime Is Over - Nicki Minaj
    "Big mike, the new baddest bxtch in the game She go by the name of Nicki Minaj Let's get this shit poppin, playtime is ova motha fucka This the one they was waitin on baby I had to do it Just when they"
  • Baddest Bitch - Nicki Minaj
    "Uh-huh... Now every club promoter wanna bid like auction Cause we pack show Cel-tics like Boston You see me in the lobby taking pics I'm flossin After every pic gotta fix my corset I am running this"
  • Shopaholic - Nicki Minaj
    "Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Yyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa Ah ah ah gucci ah I gotta shoppin problem She gotta shoppin problem I'm a composive shopper So I'm a cop her prada I'm a ice her outta Make ya talk about her She"

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