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  • Razorblade Sky - Queen Adreena
    "I rip open clouds with no faces, She undoes herself for a slice of your pie Razorblade sky, Razorblade sky I quench your thirst I bleed you dry, Help you make your bed come undone Razorblade sky, Razorblade"
  • October Sky - Fetch
    "Snow is fallen on October Sky I wish you could see it 'cause i don't lie All you can see is the snow And thats why I chose not to go I hang my coat up on the rail I think of you when I tell this tale We"
  • Bleeding Sky - Barathrum
    "Angel Of Death Came From The Depths Satanic Vengeance Blood Of God God Is Dead You Can See His Blood Blood From The Sky Bleeding Sky Bleeding Sky Rain Of Blood God Is Dead Christian God Antichrist"
  • Sky People - Yoko Ono
    "I stopped flying a long time ago, Thinking thats just for the birds and bees. But when I look up (I look up) And see the sky, (see the sky) I like the blue and I know why. You came from zeus, we come"
  • Big Sky - Armin Van Buuren
    "I know this silence - been here before Im walking blinded through your door This is a sense of things to come This innocence Oh, Oh Breath in this moment - its come and gone Further and faster through"
  • Sky Blue - Peter Gabriel
    "lost my time lost my place in sky blue those two blue eyes light your face in sky blue i know how to fly, i know how to drown in sky blue warm wind blowing over the earth sky blue i sing through"
  • Sky High - Dj Miko
    "You've blown it all sky high Our love had wings to fly We could have touched the sky You've blown it all sky high Blown round by the wind Thrown down in a spin I gave you love I thought that we had made"
  • Black Sky - All
    "Black sky, black sky What's wrong with me? Black sky, black sky What's wrong with me? Nothin' means nothin' to no one I know unless it's a lie A lie is the only thing I see When I look in their eyes I"
  • Earth & Sky - Graham Nash
    "Earth & Sky (3:34) words & music by Graham Nash Late last night, did I dream? Over the hill and far away, they wanted to live in pleasure. They wanted to live above the plains, holier than thou, banking"
  • Blue Sky - Hanson
    "I'm blind with eyes wide open My body's tired and broken I want a taste of something, that doesn't leave me dry This hope for answered questions As rare as true conviction I stare into the distance, there"

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