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oh Carol neil sedaka

  • Puppet Man - Neil Sedaka
    "Baby, Baby you know it's true I'm a puppet just for you I'll do any little thing you say I wouldn't have it any other way Take my heart and take my soul I'm givin' you complete control If you wanna see"
  • The Queen Of 1964 - Neil Sedaka
    "Anyone who's played on a record date Will remember Stage-Door-Jenny Well, I saw her last night and man, She looks like she wasn't gettin' any (Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h) Rock and roll kinda took it's toll When she"
  • Neil Armstrong Ou Gagarine - Pascal Obispo
    "Le ciel peut bien Nous attendre encore un peu De faire ce pas par humanit Le seul qui nous rendrait vraiment heureux On rve tous D'au-del, de lointains karmas Un jour de tout quitter pour les cimes Comme"
  • Jeffrey Dahmer Blues - Neil Kernon - Macabre
    "On The Night I Met Jeffrey It Was A Terrible Night He Took Me Home And Drugged Me So I Couldn't Put Up A Fight I Got The Jeffrey Dahmer Blues It's Front Page News I Got The Jeffrey Dahmer Blues It's Front"
  • Cutting Carol - Didjits
    "Eighteen and a body like steel A scary baby on a killer craze And a mushroom haze And she's gonna put the knife in you Eighteen and jeans you could peel She say what she say And she do what she does And"
  • Carol Brown - Flight Of The Conchords
    "Loretta broke my heart in a letter She told me that she's leaving and her life would be better Joan broke it off over the phone After the tone, she left me alone Jen said she'd never ever see me again When"
  • Coventry Carol - Point Of Grace
    "The Chorus is the same- however the verses are very different Luly Lullay,Thou Little tiny child By By Luly, lullay Thou little tiny child By By Luly lullay The 3 kings traveled from afar and offered"
  • Coventry Carol - Mediaeval Baebes
    "Lully, lullay, thou little tiny child By, by, lully, lullay, thou little tiny child By, by, lully, lullay O! Sisters too How may we do For to preserve this day This pore yongling For whom we do"
  • Candy Carol - Book Of Love
    "Sugar lips Caroling Sugar lips Caroling Angels we have heard on high Help renew our faith Just like candy to our eyes Sweet to the taste Sugar lips Caroling Frangiapani operandi land Sugar lips Caroling Frangiapani"
  • Coventry Carol - John Denver
    "Lullay, thou little tiny Child, By-bye lully, lullay. Lullay, thou little tiny Child, By-bye lully, lullay. O sisters too, how may we do For to preserve this day, This poor Youngling for whom we"

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