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pektus barcelona akordy tekst

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pektus barcelona akordy tekst
  • Barcelona Get Up, Get Up, Get Up
    "Five days after black and red collide The motion sickness past, I'll be the first to stand Behind that weathered door, I thought it would be safest My head is dizzy now, I thought we'd overcome We might"
  • Barcelona Indian Names
    "it's raining outside haven't seen it rain so much i can't ride my bike wish the sun would shine a while my skateboard won't roll through the ice its raining outside lets play for a while can i play your"
  • Barcelona It's About Time
    "One more day down these stairs His room is cold now and it hurts like hell He holds tight, he stares It's almost over and it's running through his head They don't know me, they don't know more than I show She's"
  • Barcelona Lesser Things
    "You look good but you don't look great She's got you saying things on tape You wouldn't tell your best of friends You think this cycle never ends Until you are old, it's sad, just how old you are If you"
  • Barcelona Numb
    "When I woke up, I couldn't feel my arms They felt as if they weren't my own I don't remember if I really slept at all I might have been out building walls How can I stand and hold up this great wall And"
  • Barcelona Planet Jerk
    "it came from planet jerk it was a cold machine it wore a capa jackson ? it said it loved the go-betweens you are an astronaught but i am from planet.. JERK! i've got a feeling you were gonna bring me down"
  • Barcelona Pop Goes The World
    "Johnny played guitar, Jenny played bass The name of the band is the human race Everybody tell me have you heard, pop goes the world Jenny played keyboard, Johnny played drums Called little baby and big"
  • Barcelona Response
    "This space is tight, I'm running out of air And for the moment, you all can fit This frenzied state has almost finished me And I won't bide my time to see it blow Driving now against the flow of lights And"
  • Barcelona The Takers
    "What makes these boys fall hard Over all the girls they have fought and won? These kings work hard and long Just to ensure that their girls don't run Oh no, nobody taught them to love slow They're crying"
  • Barcelona Unreal
    "you should clear it up pay attention you could clear it but i don't think you know theres a lot of stuff we don't mention you should leave it out i don't want to know you left me on my own and it feels"

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