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  • Bullfighter Was A Lady - Elvis Presley
    "Pedro the bull was a killer King of the bullfighter ringer He'd wipe up the floor with each brave matador And have matador stew for his dinner He heard the crowd shouting "Ol" But he met his master that"
  • No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car - Elvis Presley
    "This was gonna be the night tonight I was gonna get to hold you tight But I guess we didn't plan it right I never stood a chance, we couldn't dance Cause there's , no room to rhumba in a sports car You"
  • I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here - Elvis Presley
    "No one's in a hurry, no one seems to worry Why they're all so happy is very clear Every day siesta, every night fiesta I think I'm gonna like it here All this lovely scenery, more to it than greenery I"
  • Guadalajara - Elvis Presley
    "Guadalajara, guadalajara... Guadalajara, guadalajara Tienes el alma de provinciana Hueles a limpio a rosa temprana Ave de jara fresca del rio Son mil palomos to case rio Guadalajara, guadalajara Sabes"
  • Love Me Tonight - Elvis Presley
    "(Words & music by Don Robertson) May this tenderness cling When the fire of Spring Is a memory May you still be my own When a hundred years have flown But if it can't be Give this moment to me While our"
  • I'll Be Back - Elvis Presley
    "All right Well I'll be back, yeah, I'll be back Like a homesick train on a one-way track I got to travel and hit the gravel But I'll be back, yeah, I'll be back Yeah! I'll return, I shall return Don't"
  • Too Much Monkey Business - Elvis Presley
    "Salesman talking to me tried to run me up a creek Says you can buy it, go on try it, you can pay me next week Uh-uh, too much monkey business, too much monkey business Too much monkey business for me to"
  • Fools Fall In Love - Elvis Presley
    "Fools fall in love in a hurry Fools give their hearts much too soon Just put in two bars of stardust Just hang out one silly moon Oh! They've got their love torches burning When they should be playing"
  • Hi-Heel Sneakers - Elvis Presley
    "Put on your red dress baby 'cause we're going out tonight, oh yeah! Put on your red dress baby 'cause we're going out tonight, yeah! Well now wear some boxing gloves in case some fool might start a fight You"
  • Come What May - Elvis Presley
    "I am yours and you are mine, come what may Love like ours remains divine, come what may Even though we're miles apart You're living in my lonely heart At night the teardrops start and pour the long long"

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