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  • Your World - Richard Marx
    "The warmest day of all my life You came to me, I held you in my hands And something changed forever I want you for a better time To know the beauty of our Mother Earth Cherish her forever Never felt"
  • The Way She Loves Me - Richard Marx
    "Let me tell you 'bout The way she loved me Ooh, I want the world to know I'm crazy 'bout The way she loved me Ooh, I'm proud to let it show Yeah, yeah, yeah I'll have this feeling 'Till the day that I"
  • One More Try - Richard Marx
    "There was nothing missing, It was just a case of foolishness Girl, I must've been crazy Something I would just as soon forget I can only say I'm sorry and leave it up to you to say the rest If you want"
  • Silent Scream - Richard Marx
    "Twenty-four and he belives for sure he's got it made fame is here for good and looks will never fade he doesn't know - the game is never over til the cards have all been played Eighty-three and still he"
  • Nothing To Hide - Richard Marx
    "There in my darkest hour, Somehow you knew what I felt And just in the nick of time you saved me from myself Didn't know I could cut through my defenses And see through the mask I figured you must want"
  • Soul Motion - Richard Marx
    "I've got the fever, Poison in my veins My mind ain't working right I know the answer, The way to ease this pain Only got myself to fight I can see clearly but choose to be blind A slave to desire Holding"
  • Now And Forever - Richard Marx
    "Whenever I'm weary From the battles that rage in my head You make sense of madness When my sanity hangs by a thread I lose my way but still you seem to understand Now and forever I will be your man Sometimes"
  • Goodbye Hollywood - Richard Marx
    "Born and raised in the windy city I moved west to kickstart a dream What I found was a town without pity That'll chew you up and swallow you clean I'm amazed at the life I'm livin' Don't want to seem"
  • Nothing Left Behind Us - Richard Marx
    "You never know what we could be in store for The way it goes, we're in for more of the same One step beyond the flame The thread of life, the finely woven pattern Reveals designs in silent laughter and"
  • One Man - Richard Marx
    "It's a peaceful thing to know that freedom as a rule belongs to me There's something very wrong when the color of a man is all you see After all this time, how can a single voice explain Any reason for"

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