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second impact

  • Second Fiddle - Willie Nelson
    "You asked me if I'd care If you danced with Joe I said yes it's all right But my heart whispered no For inside I was crying For last night it was Jim Must I play second fiddle While you're dancing"
  • Second Wind - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Long-distance run from darkness Headed into the sun And it seems like eternity Till this race is won Soul and spirit weak and weary Strength was was almost gone When"
  • Second Wind - Cinderella
    "Lightning strikes before my eyes Makes them burn, makes them blind I can catch what they throw at me Heaven's fire sets me free It's easy come and it's easy go Don't ya know, yea When I'm down and I'm"
  • Second Chance - Faber Drive
    "I found the phone I must've missed your message You got it wrong It wasn't what your friend said Tell by your tone, I've taken it too far again. Just when I thought I'd gone and fixed it all again."
  • Second Wind - Tracy Bonham
    "Second wind calling all the forces in I'm in need of a second wind A second wind down here Saving grace calling every puckered face I'm in need of a saving grace A saving grace down here Wake the thunder"
  • Second chances - NEEDTOBREATHE
    "All my past is color Placed inside my hands Empty is the canvas Patiently I plan Stars are bright above me Thats not where I am Greens will be behind me Blues will make the man I cant help but fear Ive"
  • Second Awakening - Kreator
    "Two thousand years of oppression Slowly intelligence died Bringing another obsession Singing the songs of the blind Two thousand years of devotion Misery conquered the mind Finally found a way out of"
  • Second Deal - Hellfueled
    "I must make a deal with him tonight, show myself and step out in the light. I'm going down the stairs into the wall, cautious with my steps so I don't fall. Going up and going down far away from home. Walking"
  • Second Chance - Natalia Kukulska
    "Stop! Don't hasitate!If U wanna dance, Get on it ! Stop! don't hasitate! If U wanna dance, get on, U'd better Stop! Don't hasitate! If U wanna dance, Come on, U gonna reach the top! Stop! Don't hasitate"
  • Second Sight - Stratovarius
    "No one really knows Where this man comes from Or if he has a name He moved from town to town And forging his own way Without shame he played his game No allies and no friends He leaves no traces bahind There"

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