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selena gomez -come getit

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selena gomez -come getit
  • Gomez Hangover
    "Be the light from my window Be the time at my table Be my hangover girl Be my headover girl Be my headover girl Be my headover girl Share the wine at my table Out of my mind see me stable Find"
  • Gomez Going Out West
    "Well I'm goin' out west Where the wind blows tall 'Cause Tony Franciosa Used to date my ma They got some money out there They're giving it away I'm gonna do what I want Do what I want And I'm gonna get"
  • Gomez We Haven't Turned Around
    "We came, we came, we came again To stem the tide and point the blame Came back for more Came back to see what you had in store Everyone join the line, everyone So you wanna spin the world around? So you"
  • Gomez Fill My Cup
    "We're nowhere in particular We're nowhere, nowhere at all So fill my cup, make me happen Fill it up, make me smile Fill my cup, give me a reason A reason to feel alright Don't you worry, sweet darling"
  • Gomez Me, You And Everybody
    "I guess you'll find a reason to walk out on me I guess in time we'll all return to the scene Awake the old dog in me. Our love was blind, a love unpretentious and free Our love was blind, but now"
  • Gomez We Don't Know Where We're Going
    "The operation's on Movin' forward we don't know where we're goin', but we're on our way So raise the alarm Movin' forward we don't know where we're goin', we're goin' our own way So move away"
  • Gomez Sweet Virginia
    "I couldn't tell The weight of the world was on your shoulders Couldn't tell you were unhappy, you were unwell I go along like nothing is wrong no need to worry Too late to feel sorrow upon borrowed"
  • Gomez Where Ya Going?
    "Hello my friend How long have you been dying To start out again Lets turn around and see the truth for once ? See what you are trying for Now where ya goin? Now where ya goin? Meet me now Where"
  • Gomez Meet Me In The City
    "Meet, meet me in the city, girl In the city feels right, girl We'll get drunk on a fight, girl Please, please don't leave me right now, girl Right now, right now, oh no, oh no, no no no You got"
  • Gomez Chicken Out
    "What are you on? Think you're the business, man - what are you on? The rhythm is wrong, someone's out of tune, and you call this a song? Well you're having me on, I don't believe you you're having"

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