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sing ooooo

  • Sing! Captain - Handsome Furs
    "There's a town, just a little town Raining cloud, a hollow sound When our lover gather round And if they're cold Then they're cold Feed them wine, feed them chrome We hate this place here It's our home,"
  • Sing It - Lisa Stansfield
    "(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris) I wanna sing it (x4) Chorus: I wanna sing it Want it, I want it yeah Want it, I want it yeah I wanna sing it Want it, I want it yeah Want it, I want it yeah I wanna"
  • Angels Sing - Moby
    "I close my eyes And feel the morning rain Covering my face I think of you again About the the time When you were here The city it felt so bright The city felt so clear Oh, we could of made the angels"
  • Sing Along - Rodney Atkins
    "Yeah. If you could read my mind, you might slap my face. If you could see inside my heart, you'd see it's in the right place. See, it's like bunnies in a Bramble, or honey bees in a hive. Whenever I'm"
  • Sing Along - Atkins, Rodney
    "If you could read my mind You might slap my face If you could see inside my heart You'd see it's in the right place See, it's like bunnies in a bramble, or honey bees in a hive Whenever I'm beside you,"
  • Sing along - A
    "Chorus: Everybody in the building has to sing the song All the boys and all the girlfriends sing the sing-a-long Think I'm in trouble, there's always a couple Around me wherever I go They're out there"
  • Sing now - Scatman John
    "This is the dawning of a new dayThe wars are overThis is the time, the perfect time for perfect harmony(chorus)Sing now... whoo-o-o the time isRight now for everyone to be happySing now... whoo-o-o the"
  • Sing Sorrow - Korn
    "In the deepest part of me Like an unknown memory I was never meant to find Little seed of purity And you don't belong to me Still I'm blinded by its light Don't try to make it right Does anybody know"
  • Sing Along - The Army Of Freshmen
    "every day I used to write a song for you even when they sucked you said they were cool always used to go to the local shows even see the bands that we didn't know but then things changed and the scene"
  • Sing Glory - Beres Hammond
    "Intro: He gave us life, he gave us dreams Still some people act like we're still in chains When there's so much in life To live for and to be thankful for Chorus: You should a sing glory now Sing"

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