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slayback so cute

  • So, So, So Long - Reba McEntire
    "(Lisa Palas/S. Alan Taylor) Yeah-yeah-yeah Mmm-mmm-mmm You know it seems like I've loved you forever Who could be closer than you and I People even say we're so much alike But they don't know why I've"
  • Thats So Raven (Theme) - That's So Raven
    "RAVEN (lets go) If you could gaze into the future (future) You might think life would be a breeze (life is a breeze) Seein trouble from a distance,yeaaah EDDIE Go Rae RAVEN But its not that easy (oh"
  • That's So Raven Theme Song - That's So Raven
    "If you could gaze into the future (future) You might think life would be a breeze (Life is a breeze) Seein' trouble from a distance (yeah) But it's not that easy (Oh oh) I try to save the situation Then"
  • So So Cold - Hot Hot Heat
    "Into the rain we'll run out under the storm with lightning on its way into a tree we'll carve our names and there we'll stay forever this town was meant for leaving so go while they were sleeping watching"
  • So geil so - Alex C.
    "Dich zu spren macht mich wahnsinnig andas ich mich heut Nacht nicht beherrschen kannwie du riechst, mich ksst killt meinen Verstanddeine Berhrung wie von ZauberhandDu, du, du, du...Du bist geil so geil"
  • So So Dumb - TLC
    "TLC LYRICS "So So Dumb" Uh Oh yeah Alright (alright) Alright alright Dumb dumb dumb So so dumb so dumb Dumb dumb dumb So so dumb so dumb Everytime I see ya Simple bitch please Come here and talk to"
  • So, So Sad - Dolour
    "Looks like you don't know me too well You're just as insecure I need more time to make sense Of something I've lost A children's tune Lately I've been praying god's will is as good as mine But what can"
  • So So Serious - Northstar
    "(feat. Tmf) (Chorus: Christ Bearer) So So Serious about the game So So Serious about the damn thing Take a little fame then legend of the fame So So Serious about the damn thing (Hook 1: Christ Bearer"
  • So-So Gigolo - Cursive
    "If you've got the looks And if you've got the goods I suppose you can make it Wherever you wanna get made And you wanna get made... My model agent says You've got to get paid You've got a special gift You"
  • Mrs. So So - Ashanti
    "Where were you when I was all alone See, I don't need you now I'm standing on my own When I was down you weren't around so go Cuz I ain't used to bein' no one's Mrs. So So When I woke up this morning"

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