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smutny freestyle

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smutny freestyle
  • Tricky Can't Freestyle
    "Tricky: See how the boy test I lead with my left (Just lead with my left) Relieve the stress See how the boy test I just lead with my left Relieve the stress Take the test You want an F Relieve the"
  • Dub Incorporation My Freestyle
    "It's my music Music is a reason WoYoyoyoyoyo... Refrain My free style,flying over this world Kill your bad minds,but he's never back down He's like a bird in a tree,'cause this feeling is so free He's"
  • Azn Pride Chinese Freestyle
    "Yat, yi, saam Microphone testing 1-2-3 In the place to be wassup everbody? My name is Tai Mai Shu! and I am going to be rapping for u today jus' a lil' freestyle but first and foremost I'd like to thank"
  • Apathy Rockafella Freestyle
    "I just copped 5 G's from a show, but I'm probably gonna blow it You'll find me in the Acura driving it like I stole it You wanna diss like you got a trick up your sleve? Fuck spittin' you would need my"
  • Eminem Armageddon Freestyle
    "The Armageddon Freestyle EMINEM f**ker yeah Oh shit, it's the evil genius Green lantern yeah A yo Em Ha ha what we call this shit right here The invasion You have part one u got part two now its Part"
  • DJ Clue Nature Freestyle
    "(feat. Nature) You ready for this,huh I dont think ready for this. 4106, this one thought it was hopeless remain motionless focus on ways to escape the vultures you know the culture stackin' papers"
  • DJ Clue Bathgate Freestyle
    "(feat. Billy Bathgate) Look... I'm here to make a mil off of fifteen bricks I rob for, can't see me workin' for Job Corps It's Gates, dog A little introduction to me Crack's D unto himself Who else fuckin"
  • Paul Wall Lick Freestyle
    "Paul wall..chick magnet in stores me and mick jones we the future baby we comin' soon...its the swishahouse straight to da room I'm lookin' for a fine little freak wit class slim waste and pretty face"
  • Ja Rule Suicide Freestyle
    "Ummm, Say all that I want to do Is to live my life Ummm, but everytime I turn around Another nigga dies Niggas catchin five to ten years And it just ain't no use Uhh, uhh, ever heard of a nigga dying"
  • Lloyd Banks Burn Freestyle
    "(feat. 50 Cent) [50 Cent:] GGGGGGG G Unit In New York you get stalked like a snake's prey Yo the streets is a battle field you die any day Some cry on they knees when they pray All you hear is he said"

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