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solage locked in closer

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solage locked in closer
  • My Favorite Highway Closer
    "Well I've been thinking about what I said No baby, no need to talk about it Well I've been playing it back in my head No thanks, think I'll get by without it Well I've been thinking about what I said"
  • N.E.R.D. Locked away
    "Changed your mind I made you live a lover's life Changed your mind about all guys No kiss at the end of the night But if you will with me When I'm sure that you can see So when I ask you, "How you think"
  • Master P Locked Up
    "(feat. Slay Sean, Short Circuit, Krazy) Yo lemme hit that jail one mo' time for these people callin Prisoner, one-seven-fo'-nine-eight-six, dash-five-oh-fo' Do you have anything, to say for yo'self"
  • Warzone Locked Out
    "so who the f**k do you think you are have you forgot the past when you first came around and you tried to fit in and be part of whats going on now who the f**k do you think you are cutting down kids"
  • Ginuwine Locked Down
    "I will miss all the things I have, I will miss making love to my girl, I will miss all my kids, My loot, and my friends, I will miss all good times I've had Can't believe I'm locked down Where did things"
  • David Usher Closer
    "You had to lose A funny thing the part we can't play I'd love to offer you with all the blame But now we have to choose Another round for all my friends and me Another poke at sensibility We've found out"
  • House Of Krazees Locked Out
    "Yo Man You sold us out For that you must die Im that nigga with that fresh pair of locs (Pig Squeel) Im that nigga with that fresh pair of locs (Pig Squeel) Sucka Boom, Mass murderer You eva herd"
  • Vade Locked Gates
    "save one piece of it a slice of hope cut out of cold steel i trace the light, it pulls me back i think of your face and the strength i lack i cant bend, unlock these gates trust in me i cant find"
  • Mobb Deep Locked In Spofford
    "They got me locked in Spofford, the lil juvenile criminal Two kids approach to put blades to my throat They like my coat and ask me what I'm gonna do for that Give it up? Huh, you don't believe that So"
  • Natalie Browne Locked In The Shadows
    "I'm in your shadows constantly You never allow me to be free Can't even express my own opinion 'Cause I'm controlled by your dominion I am locked in the shadows of your love Chorus: I'm locked in the"

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