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somebody somebody somebody

  • Somebody's Somebody - Prince
    "Somebody's somebody Somewhere, someone It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I just can't sleep Outside the rain is pourin', I'm lonely as can be Maybe 2night'll be different than the nights before I need"
  • Somebody Somewhere - Picture House
    "(Browne/Maitland/Glenister) How can I explain how it came to be It wasn't over night while I couldn't sleep I can still remember how it used to be Oh, 'cause somewhere, it's hard remembering but somewhere Somebody"
  • Somebody Will - River Road
    "(Walt Aldridge/Brad Crisler/Steven Dale Jones) Brother I'm the keeper of the gate of fools And lately I've been seein' way to much of you Everytime I look you're coming round again I think I oughta warn"
  • Somebody's Somebody - Aguilera Christina
    "Aguilera Christina Christina Aguilera Somebody's Somebody Watchin lovers walkin' Hand in hand they pass me by Wish I was one of them Wish I had somebody Wakin' up beside me Looking into my eyes at"
  • Somebody Else - Sparkle
    "I been hearin' 'bout you, talking 'bout you, thinking 'bout you Reminiscing about all those things we used to do I'm still lovin', are you worrying on your feinin' for you Makin' every move I can to get"
  • Somebody Else - Bleu
    "What if I was alright? What if I wasn't wound so tight? What if I had the balls to be bad? Would you still look at me like that? Would you be mad that I had held the old me back? Why can't I be somebody"
  • Somewhere, Somebody - Jennifer Warnes
    "(Andrew Kastner, Larry McNally, Max Gronenthal) Must be a million boys living in this great big city I know that one of them is just right for me I've looked uptown, downtown, all around searchin' I know"
  • Somebody's Somebody - Christina Aguilera
    "Watchin lovers walkin' Hand in hand they pass me by Wish I was one of them Wish I had somebody Wakin' up beside me Looking into my eyes at night I want a love to call my own I want someone that"
  • Somebody Said - Harry Chapin
    "Somebody said...Where's the music goin' Somebody said...It's gone Somebody said...With this bad wind a blowin' Will the music keep a rolling on I had to ask myself WHy it's makin' me A minstrel man from"
  • Somebody Somewhere - Michael Kiske
    "When it gets to red No air to breathe Then I am thinking What if I go now? When I feel upside down The pain don't leave Then I am thinking: What if I go now? You may believe here's all you want to achieve. Can"

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