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  • I Need You - Dave Gahan
    "I need you I need you I need you I'm asking my friend I need you again Can you do something for me? Time, it just past We had some laughs Maybe it's just about greed You'll always need me much more than"
  • I need you - Alain Clark
    "Like the sun giving heat to my body Like the air that I breath Like fun like clean cool water Like the shoes on my feet Like the flame that I call inspiration For the job that I do Im not ashamed to admit"
  • I need U - Brygada Kryzys
    "need U, I need U, I need U, I need U I need U, I need U, I need U, I need U I need U 2 love me I need U 2 care about me I need U 2 love U I need U 2 care about U don't leave me now don't leave me now don't"
  • I Need Therapy - Screeching Weasel
    "I need therapy I need therapy I need therapy oh yeah I need therapy I need therapy oh yeah My girlfriend left today When I said "But I love you babe" She just kicked me in the face Oh yeah I'm so depressed"
  • (Don't Need) Religion - Motorhead
    "Don't need no blind belief Don't need no comic relief Don't need to see the scars Don't need Jesus Christ Superstar Don't need no Sunday Television Bet your life you don't need religion Don't need no"
  • I Need Love - The Music
    "So to the world I'll raise a glass and Turn my back on life I wish that you were here with me Instead of by his side I can't believe it's been this way forever But when you need it It makes it harder I"
  • Need Your Love - The Temper Trap
    "The road is pulling me into an open where And for a moment i escape and i forget The silhouettes behind the dust clouds call me friend But even fools know here they’re far a few between She has abandoned"
  • I Need You - SONICFLOOd
    "You know who I am inside You know when I lie You can tell when I'm amazed You can see my faith You know when I don't believe You know when I'm free You can tell when I need love You know I'm in need Love,"
  • I Need You - Lee Ann Womack
    "I need something like morphine only better I need something like a kiss that lasts forever I need something like money that will not burn I need something and I need more, more than I can earn I need"
  • I Need This - Chris Brown
    "Stop, where am I? Shock, I can't cry Pop, I need some space No, this isn't me Go, please let me breathe I'll be back sooner than you know I need this space Just like you need it I need this time Time to"

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