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  • Keep It Movin' - Xzibit
    "Intro (saukrates) a ha, capital hill {xzibit} yeah, sit back and smoke a fat one. yeah, pronto. look from los Angeles to toronto. (saukrates) I heard that big sox got it going on. I heard that nigga Xzibit"
  • We Are The Hustlaz - The Game
    "Yeah... Yeah man we them niggaz everybody talkin 'bout Hey yo, yo (Verse One) Whether it's, chips or whips or bricks of 'caine I still shine at the end when y'all forced to rain Changed the game, three"
  • The Game Get Live - The Game
    "(20 seconds of instrumental to open) (The Game) You can catch five, or catch me in the CL-5 Whatever way dog, the Game get live Keepin it gangsta in a P.D. fitted velour Late night I'm in Dublin's and"
  • Black And White - R.A. The Rugged Man
    "Do you resent the fact that people Make a special deal out of you Perhaps becoming a white champion in a black dominated sport? (Yo, I f**k up anybody, shit don't matter, white, black, I'll f**k you up,"
  • Black & White - R.A. The Rugged Man
    "(feat. Timbo King) Do you resent the fact that people Make a special deal out of you Perhaps becoming a white champion in a black dominated sport? (Yo, I fuck up anybody, shit don't matter, white, black,"
  • Time To Chill - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "For years I have been waiting and hesitating to make a rap record That had the pace of a slow song, quiet storm, chillin while the fire is warm You and your girl, with this record on your radio or stereo,"
  • Mexican Radio - South Park
    "roll cadilacs never ly on raps smok killer herbs til mi lungs collapse lost 2 grand last nite shootin craps then i hit the rits and bought a few laughs just got a letter from mi old best friend doin 25"
  • Superstar - Hush
    "(Verse 1) Hey yo it's funny nowadays how these fools see rap As a Road to the Riches like Kool G Rap And most people see me and think "Damn, not again They signed another guy who's a friend of Eminem" But"
  • 88 Lines About 44 Women - Nails
    "Deborah was a Catholic girl, she held out to the bitter end. Carla was a different type, she's the one who put it in. Mary was a black girl, and I was afraid of a girl like that. Susan painted pictures"
  • Don't Blame Me - Esham
    "Here I come, better run I gotta sawed off shotgun Pump that buck and you might catch a hot one Call me a head hunter, head's I've chopped off Cemetary's full from the bodies I dropped off Mothafuckaz hate"

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