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titanic theme song

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titanic theme song
  • New Found Glory Never Ending Story Theme Song
    "Turn around, look at what you see, yeah In her face, the mirror of your dreams, whoa Make believe I'm everywhere, hidden in the lines Written on the pages is the answer to a never ending story, never"
  • M People (Star Trek) Enterprise Theme Song
    "It's been a long road Gettin from there to here It's been a long time But my time is finally here And I will see my dreams come alive at night I will touch the sky And they're not gonna hold me down"
  • The Monkees Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head")
    "My, my the clock in the sky is pounding away There's so much to say A face, a voice, an overdub has no choice And it cannot rejoice Wanting to be, to hear and to see Crying to the sky But the porpoise"
  • Jonas Brothers Baby Bottle Pop Theme Song
    "1, 2, 3, 4 Baby bottle pop Baby bottle pop You can lick it, shake it, and dunk it Sweet candy fun Baby bottle pop Baby bottle pop You can lick it, shake it, and dunk it Gotta love it Gotta have it There's"
  • Skye Sweetnam Radio Free Roscoe (Theme Song)
    "It's all you ever hear Look like this Think like this Be like this How do you fight it We started our own radio station We keep our identities secret It gives us the power to say what we want As loud"
  • VeggieTales Larry-Boy Theme Song (Remix)
    "Asparagus Singers: Larry-Boy! Larry-Boy! Lean and mean green machine! Larry-Boy! Larry-Boy! Out of sight, veg-o-mite! Larry-Boy! Lead Vocalist: Who do they call when Bumblyburg's in trouble? Who's got"
  • The Aquabats Theme Song! (Listen) (Learn More)
    "We came from an island in the sand and the sun. Hidden away from the world is that home of fun. We surfed all day and ate food all night. When there was no more food eating sand was alright. But then one"
  • That's So Raven That's So Raven Theme Song
    "If you could gaze into the future (future) You might think life would be a breeze (Life is a breeze) Seein' trouble from a distance (yeah) But it's not that easy (Oh oh) I try to save the situation Then"
  • Andy Milonakis The Andy Milonakis Theme Song
    "Yo I rock peas on my head but don't call me a pea head. Bees on my head but don't call me a bee head. Bruce Lee's on my head but don't call me a lee head. Now please excuse me I gots to get my tree fed."
  • Dover Drive Theme Song Of My Life
    "time with you I know is time well spent, a long time now we've been good friends but you've always managed to make me feel alright but tonight, something in me says there's something more and it took me"

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