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  • Simon The Bullet Freak - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley) Greater than to face it, give me your money Make my life sunny for a day Road that leads to nowhere, please stop your crying I ain't fit for dying this way Go steal another with your eye Go"
  • The Park - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley) Let me walk a while alone Among the sacred rocks and stones Let me look in vain belief Upon the beauty of each leaf There is green in every glade The tree tops been providing shade They go"
  • Time To Live - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Byron/Hensley) Let me see the sunshine Let me feel the rain Let me go where I want to go I want to smell the flowers See the dawn again Find those friends I used to know Find those friends I used"
  • All My Life - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Byron/Kerslake) I had a little look for a minute today And I told there was something That I wanted to say Just sitting here glowing with her red light on So I've gotta move fast And it shouldn't"
  • Circle Of Hands - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley) Circle of hands Cold spirits plan Searching my land for an enemy Came across love's sweet cost And in the face of beauty Evil was lost Sky full of eyes, minds full of lies Black from their"
  • Rainbow Demon - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley) There rides the Rainbow Demon On his horse of crimson fire Black shadows are following closely On the heels of his desire Riding on in the mist of morning No one dared to stand in his way Possessed"
  • Come Away Melinda - Uriah Heep
    "(Hellerman/Minkoff) Daddy, Daddy, come and look See what I've found A little ways away from here While digging in the ground Come away Melinda Come in and close the door It's nothing, just a picture-book They"
  • Real Turned On - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Byron/Newton) Girl before you go now There's one thing I wanted to do That's get you to come back Because I wanna make love to you Got me real turned on But there's something in your eyes Telling"
  • Sunrise - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley) Aaah, aaah Aaah, aaah oooh Sunrise, and the new day's breakin' through The morning of another day without you And as the hours roll by No-one's there to see me cry Except the sunrise... The"
  • Sweet Lorraine - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Byron/Thain) Would you like to take this magic potion with me On a trip to a cosmic playground far beyond She understands, she's been before It's in her hands to find the door Sweet Lorraine let"

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