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wolf people

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wolf people
  • Ulver Wolf & Man
    "Da Trolddomen bleff hved - & need Paa Jorden han svved: Da som nu Vaer Jaget ved at lefve, ved at aande, Ved hver Bevgelse saa stoor at nsten Dend vaer Smerte Medens han gik omkring Blandt Mennisker,"
  • Ad Hominem Wolf Power
    "Gathered around our prey We're observing our victory This weak human and all his beliefs Is nothing but putrid shreds of flesh We are the wolves The wrath of our ancestors Spilling the blood Of the bastards"
  • Don't Look Down Crying Wolf
    "Always been a morning person, Never liked to get up late. Out of bed and early to rise, How can the world adjust at eight. Lately ive been stayn' up For some strange reason I can't get to bed Someone out"
  • Cancerslug Lone Wolf
    "shall i walk in darkness rise or fall im just another motherf**king worm not fit to crawl but i still i breathe the air in deeply dig my heels into the ground and wait for what is about to come there is"
  • La'Chat Wolf Pack
    "(DJ Paul) Talking AUUUUUU!! Wolfpack, GET DOWN BITCH! GET ON THE MUTHA F**KIN GROUND HOE! HYPNOTIZE GOT DAMN POSSE IN YO HOUSE BITCH! Gangsta Boo,Crunchy Blac,Lord Infamous,DJ Paul,Juicy J,La Chat and"
  • Jedi Mind Tricks The Wolf
    "Vinnie Paz (ikon) verse these streets is vietnam/ im like Jesus tryin to complete a Psalm/ I beleive in Islam/ heathens can bleed till they gone/ its on, anyone can get hit/ anyone can get the center"
  • RZA The wolf
    "Watch your hoe look at me, like I'm Leonardo DiCaprioWanna stick her tip of her tongue through my piss holeYou play the target, and I be the guiding missileOh, how they long this strong grissleYup, see"
  • Glay Lone Wolf
    "Blues ni akogaretsuzukete uragiri no machi minami wo mezashita Buddy Holly yo imawa no kiwa dewa donna shout wo sora ni nageta no ka? Dare mo doukeshi ichiya no namida nuguisaru dake no Ai wo motomete"
  • From Autumn To Ashes Sugar Wolf
    "Less of a singer, you are more More of a prostitute With aspirations for a life of sex and drug abuse When did the music turn into a beauty pageant Lately my sense of pride has been chronically absent"
  • Cavo Cry Wolf
    "It seems you've waited most your life to come down With all these feelings so close around you And they blame you, blame you again And it seems I failed you more times than life allows I'll break the pieces"

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