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words scoffers

  • No Words - Sabrina Carpenter
    "No words, no words, no words When everything's quiet Nothing on the tip of your tongue But a beautiful silence And the lights ring out But even in the madness When everything just seems to go wrong Take"
  • Magic Words - Petra
    "Words and music by Rob Frazier Say the magic words I won't say the magic words to please you 'Cause you might decide to judge me By what I say to you and not what I do Hide behind my words I won't"
  • Words Fell - Lucinda Williams
    "Words Fell Like roses at our feet When you let me see you cry Your silent lips against my cheek Words Fell On a night as black as coal Your kisses traveled deep Your eyes pierced my soul Words Fell Words"
  • Last Words - Travis
    "Trying to shine a light into the dark Corners of the mind and of the heart Find out what you're carrying around Things you can't remember having found Holding on all the best you can Finding out"
  • Angry Words - Don McLean
    "I don't know why I did it. I guess I lost my head. I should have said "I love you" but used angry words instead. Chorus: Angry words, that were so unfair. Angry words, I should have said "I care". It's"
  • Bad Words - Circle Jerks
    "use them when you're sad use them when you're mad use them when you're happy use them on your dad bad words they come in all shapes they come in all sizes from the tough to the weak they're not words"
  • Lonely Words - Pete Townshend
    "I'm afraid I spoke too soon again Thought it important to explain Now I'm gazing at my lonely words I spent the night in there layin' there All over the floor like cutoff hair And I can't take back my"
  • Bleeding Words - Mobile
    "Blue moon in a black sky Peaceful silence, violent night Better keep them silent Words are amplified You can easily throw them away Where they will stay on someone else's mind I need to tell you so but"
  • These Words - Nick Heyward
    "I love Elvis She loves Woodstock I love Homebase She loves sunblock How many times can you make a stand To fall from the highest of all you've said and done I love London You love starsigns Someone made"
  • Three Words - Amorphis
    "From all the four corners From the heights beyond the changing skies From in between the golden stars From the lands of dead below I seek the magic for my spell The power for my charm For want of three"

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