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wu tang clan - ostr

  • Rushing Elephants - Wu-Tang Clan
    "(Intro: Raekwon) Yo, yo, yo, what up kid? Yo, these niggaz is back, son (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I'm telling you, spit that, done it nigga Yeah... yeah... yeah, yeah, I seen it like a Zenith,"
  • C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan
    "What that nigga want God? Word up, look out for the cops (Wu-Tang five finger shit) (Cash Rules) Word up, two for fives over here baby Word up, two for fives them niggaz got garbage down the way, word"
  • Never Again - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Feel this To all those races, colors, and creeds, every man bleeds for the countless victims and all their families of the murdered, tortured and slaved, raped, robbed and persecuted - Never Again! To"
  • One Blood Under W - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Run'din from fires of the city, and tee bloood Blooood, blood, bloooood.. blooood You two ta both from EE-hee-ma, ah ya both from Jahnker You ta both from fire outside You both from To-ah-ee One bloood,"
  • Weak Spot - Wu-Tang Clan
    "(kung fu sample) If only we can lay our hands on that vixen Yu Shin Hua Then all our problems will be over... Yu Shin Hua! You thought you'd find my weak spot, but still, you failed (RZA) The quintessence,"
  • Take It Back - Wu-Tang Clan
    "(Intro: movie sample (Raekwon)) On the firing line... lock, one round load Ready on the right? Ready on the left? Ready on the firing line? Watch for ya targets (Yeah, yeah, yeah...) pay attention (Raekwon) Welcome"
  • The City - Wu-Tang Clan
    "That's black? Whattup God? Aiyyo Shorty got beef with that nigga? Word? Oh shit!!! Yo! Hold the fuck up Aiyyo yo, eight niggaz down (just enough) Fuckin around with my sound (ci-ty) Yo, bring backup"
  • Iron Flag - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Murder one of y'all niggaz.. Get to hurtin one of y'all niggaz.. Bitches, snatch the shirt off one of y'all niggaz ... kick dirt Color glocks splitters just listen there's UFO visitors Fly paintings"
  • S.O.S. - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight [3x] Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight Another mission, Street Life, gun talk, Sir I Don't push me, because I'm close to the edge Livin on this thin line, I know the ledge Allegience"
  • Older Gods - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Aiyyo I roll like a bat out of hell Evil acapell's fly spittin out of my grill Before I hit the sky with springtime colors Juicy as a Sunkist, certain broads double dutch this They carve it in they wrist,"

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