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  • Our summer - IGI
    "How Cruel Am I to Pass You By NowAnd It's a Cold DecemberIn the Heat of Next July NowWill You Or Won't You RememberOur SummerWill Come AgainOur SummerMelts the Ice AgainGypsy Whispers With Her Wild EyesSo"
  • Ravens - IGI
    "Late Last Night, About a Quarter to TwelveIn the Middle of An Awful StormI Took Fright At the Terrible SightOf a Raven Flying Into My RoomMy Blood Ran Cold, My Heart Stood StillAs I Pulled the Covers Over"
  • She moves through the fair - IGI
    "My Young Love Said to Me``my Mother Won't MindAnd My Father Won't Slight YouFor Your Lack of Kind''And She Laid Her Hand On MeAnd This She Did Say``it Will Not Be Long Now'till Our Wedding Day''And She"
  • Suppertime - IGI
    "Innocence, Smiles in the PlaygroundAs a Grey Man, Touches Her Hair"sweets For a Pretty Girl ?"But She's Not Such a Silly GirlAs She Slaps the Hand AwayPoison On My Plate, So Hungry I AtePoison On My Plate,"
  • Tuesday's child - IGI
    "Sunday, Sunday, Where Have You BeenYour Emerald EyesLike Your Hands, Reaching Out to Me?The Wolves Are Out TonightUnder the Hunter's MoonCinnabar Staining the Hem of Her LaceShe's Starting to BlushBut"
  • What kind of fool - IGI
    "Can't See the WoodFor All of the TreesCan't Hear the WindFor the Breeze That WhispersVoice in Your HeadYou Like What It SaidSo What Can You DoBut Listen to It?What Kind of FoolLays All That's Precious"
  • Wild flowers - IGI
    "The Grey of Winter Falls On Us -How Will Our Garden Grow ?Will All the Seeds We've SownSurvive Beneath the Snow ?We've Been Here Before,Wrapped in Our Regret.All Those Winter Words,I Want Us to Forget"
  • Will i start to bleed - IGI
    "Silence Floats Into the RoomWhispers to Me Out of TuneAnd I Wonder If These DeadlyAwkward Moments StayStabbing Their Spikes in MeWill I Start to BleedRaise Your Eyes Until They're MineLift Yourself Towards"
  • Drowning - IGI
    "Reaching Out a HandThere's a Hand You Want to HoldWhen the Night Feels BlueThe Hand Feels ColdThe Fog Takes My BreathBut We've Got to Keep Breathing NowGonna Live to Tell the TaleGonna Live to Tell the"
  • Like Emily - IGI
    "Emily Lived in This TownSeems It Was Getting Her DownFilled Up a Suitcase With ClothesWhere She Went No-one Knows (There She Goes)She Didn't Wait to ExplainShe Had to Rush For Her 'planeShe's Seen the"

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