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  • Hell Hotel - They Might Be Giants
    "Salutations paint his karma, Bend joints in fighting words Got his mean streak from his mother, ha ha ha Now Love Boats paint his liver, with eyes on the city lights Collapsin' on the upbeats or relaxin'"
  • Conscious Love - Gerry Rafferty
    "Money won't fix it, power won't fix it Sex won't fix it, drugs won't fix it Fame won't fix it, lies won't fix it Your life won't fix it, nobody can fix it This sleeping sickness is a very strange disease You"
  • My Wandering Days Are Over - Belle & Sebastian
    "You know my wandering days are over Does that mean that i'm getting boring? You tell me I'm tired of listening to myself now I'm tired of fixing things for michael and the rest of them You know"
  • Boy Cried Wolf - Patti Smith
    "(Smith) Oh the story's told been told retold From the sacred scriptures to the tabloids All the fuss and fight none above a whisper The soul of gold the belly of a boy Well they drew him from the forest Like"
  • Jacob's Ladder - Julia Fordham
    "(Julia Fordham/Sebastian Haimer/Jeff Young) Seems no matter how I try My Jacob's ladder in the sky Has all the fallen angels climbing down Cross my heart and hope to live Number one on my wish list If"
  • 995er Tief - Sportfreunde Stiller
    "995er Tief ber Island Und ich sitz Zuhause Und starre an die Wand Offshorebreak bei San Sebastian Und bei mir Zuhause Steht Inventur auf'm Plan 725 Stufen steig ich tglich Beim Versuch zu vergessen Scheitere"
  • Silver Maiden - Aina
    "(Storyteller: Sebastian Thomson) (Maiden Voice: Amanda Somerville) (Narrator: Michael Kiske) (Storyteller:) The streets were never more grateful To be walked upon until she was born And when she's finished"
  • This Is Me - Eddie From Ohio
    "This is me Before the war You can see I don't look much like that Anymore. Yes, my hands Are still as small You understand-- Not all the changes Are visible. Sebastian-- Bless his heart! Swallowed by"
  • La Exiliada Del Sur - Los Bunkers
    "Un ojo deje en los lagos por un descuido casual el otro quedo en parral en un boliche de tragos recuerdo que mucho estrago de nino vio el alma mia miserias y alebosias anudan mis pensamientos entre las"
  • Mi vida sin ti - La Oreja De Van Gogh
    "Otra vez ms vuelve a empezar duerme la luna en San Sebastian busco q hacer oigo llover y pienso en ti q guapo estas al despertar tan despeinado sin arreglar me hace feliz verte a mi lado, pienso en ti Vamos"

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