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50 Cent Surrounded By Hoes

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50 Cent Surrounded By Hoes
  • Eminem The Realist (Feat. 50 Cent And B.I.G. Radio Versio
    "Shady in the place to be seen And I got what it takes to rock the mic RIGHT! Still watch what you say to me punk cuz I'm off probation in less then 6 MONTHS! We the realest label. 50 Cent and B.I.G. my"
  • 50 Cent Elemntry
    "[50 Cent] G Unit! [50 Cent] A, B You can't fuck with me [50 Cent] C, D We from the Harlem streets [50 Cent] E, F Don't talk me to death [50 Cent] G, H It's elementary Picture me rolling"
  • 50 Cent G-Unit That's What's Up
    "[ Intro - 50 Cent talking ] Oh, oh, Gggga Gggga G-UNIT (UNIT, haha), yeah, it's 50 CENT (CENT) and Lloyd Banks (BANKS), and Tony Yayo (YAYO), nigga, nigga (haha, haha) You gotta love it, New York City"
  • 50 Cent That's What's Up
    "(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo) G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit,G-Unit [50 Cent-between Banks] G-Unit nigga that's what's up [50 Cent] I blast 50 Cent nigga that's what's up "
  • 50 Cent Gangsta Shit
    "[50 Cent - Talking] Yeah, niggas talkin all that gangsta shit Actin like my money ain't no good in the hood, you know what I mean? Fuckin head blown off nigga, you know? They, they talkin that That"
  • 50 Cent True Loyalty
    "(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo) [50 Cent] Unh, yeah..I like the way this feel right here yo...turn me up in the head phones just a lil' bit yeah.. [50 Cent + (Lloyd Banks)] There ain't shit in this world"
  • 50 Cent Luv Me
    "Yall dont see me in the hood Its cause Im doing this man Niggas Im still grinding (yea) Im still hearing those sirens (whoo whoo) Im still getting chased by those lights Only the lights lime and"
  • 50 Cent G-Unit/U.T.P.
    "(feat. Bun B (U.G.K.), Young Buck (G-Unit)) Right now with the situation gettin' better So I'm doin' you things, holla [50 Cent] Yeah, 50 Cent, uh huh, check me out Now piece by piece we put it all"
  • 50 Cent Groupie Love
    "Yeah G-unit Ive been so many places Ive seen so many faces Girl you look like someone that ive done fucked before Ive been around the world Ive meet all kinds of girls Girl you look like someone"
  • 50 Cent 8 Mile Road (G-Unit Remix)
    "feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo) [50 Cent] Yeah..50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo G-UNIT! This rap shit plays a major part of my life So if you jeapordize it I got the right To send a mothafucka at you tonight G-Unit!"

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