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Agnes Obel - Aventine

  • Privileged Few - Agnes Carlsson
    "You're such a capable tragedy to me now Why can't you just see? I'm not sure you feel the way I do You always get attention it was to hide your apprehension Don't lean on me, don't lean on me Why does"
  • Sometimes I Forget - Agnes Carlsson
    "I get so busy and I shut you out and you dont have no clue what thats about You probably thinking that I m getting mad at you I should take the time to just explain That youre the only thing that keeps"
  • The Brakes - Agnes Carlsson
    "we're driving 90 miles an hour (i think it's, gone too far) and i don't see any light (at the end, of the road) and all the windows are coming down (let it go) no one's around right now but it's alright,"
  • (Baby) I Want You Gone - Agnes Carlsson
    "I've got love, a good life Everything is alright What do you want from me? You always try to bring me down Could it be jealousy? Everything I do is not good enough from your perspective Boy, I'm wrong..."
  • Emotional - Agnes Carlsson
    "I don't need a heartache And crushes can be so fake Sooner than you know it They turn your world around You might think I'm crazy When I don't want red roses, yea I'd rather have you promise To never let"
  • Everybody Knows - Agnes Carlsson
    "Girl I know you've been deceived that your heart has been mistreated He took your dreams and turned them to stone (yeah) Hate to see you so upset but hey girl don't you forget that I'm here for you, you"
  • I Believe In You - Agnes Carlsson
    "Sometimes everything around you Gets me all confused Sometime its hard to See and understand the truth Where do we go when all the signs Dont make a bit sense When all the roads end up Some place youve"
  • I Had A Feelin' - Agnes Carlsson
    "Stuck here for the weekend Kickin on a tin-can, out of my mind Stuck here for indefinite Talking to myself, half of the time Stone cold black'n'blue My memories of you Got no future got no plans Without"
  • Kick Back Relax - Agnes Carlsson
    "All those stars Running through your brain Passing through Like a run-away train Sleepless nights Powering the fears Brought you pain And unnecessary tears Let me show you A sweeter way to exist Let me"
  • Let Me Carry You - Agnes Carlsson
    "Hush sad the angel don't be lonely anymore I'm here right beside you like so many times before Time met again I've been here to fill your heart Tonight I'm gonna show you When never fall apart Just like"

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