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Albert vishi new day

  • Brand New Day - Kodaline
    "Well it’s your hometown I think I’ve outgrown I wanna travel the world but I, I just can’t do it alone So I’m just waiting on fate to come… Wrap around me Think about all the foreign places we could be I’ve"
  • Brand New Day - Forty Foot Echo
    "Never thought I'd say I'm sorry Never thought I'd be the one to bring you down Now when I look out my window But there doesn't seem to be anyone around And I, I think I'll change my ways So all your words"
  • Brand New Day - Sting
    "How many of you people out there Been hurt in some kind of love affair And how many times do you swear that you'll never love again? How many lonely, sleepless nights How many lies, how many fights And"
  • New Day Rising - The Answer
    "V1) All around the sky's are falling down A new kind of sound, the smile becomes a frown Wait for me now to run Run towards the sun that will not shine A just reward we're searching for the sign Wait"
  • Every New Day - Five Iron Frenzy
    "When I was young, the smallest trickle of light, Could catch my eye, Then life Was new and every new day I thought that I could fly I believed in what I hoped for, And I hoped in things unseen. I had"
  • This New Day - Embrace
    "Look before you leap Cause then you'll see what everybody sees You see the other side is out of reach It's nothing you can change And everything won't work out in the end You realise the world is not your"
  • A New Day - Angie Martinez
    "Yo, uh The animals are here It's a new day...yo yo uh It's about being close to the ground like dope fiends and not even fallin' Some people frontin' now they keep callin' But that's life, ain't no grudge"
  • A New Day - Hopesfall
    "in the bright morning my courage falls weak no excuse for my actions no where to run consequence comes like raining fire burning every part of me showing no mercy the day that i thought would never come has"
  • Brand New Day - The Echoing Green
    "Walking on a warm, warm summer's day The sky is blue, but your heart is gray Everywhere you turn, see the bridges burn It's time for you to find a better way You never thought of the seed before you'd"
  • Brand New Day - Bryan Adams
    "Johnny had the plan He’s gonna see the world .. had to go Gonna take his girl And he made the way very own She said Why are you looking at me that way? Are you gonna go or you stay? GET UP', GET UP', GET"

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