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Angka jitu mlm ini fajar pakong lama

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Angka jitu mlm ini fajar pakong lama
  • Ini Kamoze We run the country
    "Now the devil will cry, I We going to play the right thing They don't need to send spy I, we not hiding anything How ya feeling, Irie! Means ya rule your internal Get my meaning, Irie! Tell ya friend and"
  • Ini Kamoze Wings with me
    "I love I love that girl I see Do you wanna wings with me, come in I'm not thinking carnally Judge I not by scrutiny Your heart and soul I want in my controle I'm not just a lovie-dove I don't just want"
  • Ini Kamoze World a reggae music
    "(1st Chorus) World a reggae music on yah - eh Keep me rockin with me daughter - eh-a World a reggae music on yah - eh Never lef' ya', never no sah - eh-a Now just be nice and hold your space I won't entertain"
  • Ini Kamoze Call the police
    "Calling all stars Calling all stars This is an emergency There is a crucial jam at the corner of R and B Proceed with caution Suspects are musically armed and dangerous Call the Police Police Po-lice I'm"
  • Ini Kamoze Clown
    "Hey people another clown is talking Yake Yake hay hay What did the joker say Excuse me, I don't mean o'be rude no I'm a gettin' sick of Tricky Dick and the rhetoric Just read my lip So help me I don't"
  • Ini Kamoze Colour me reggae
    "(Spread Out)Zum baba zum baba zum baba zaza zum baba zum baba zum zum baba zum baba zum baba zaza zum baba zum baba zum Spread out, let me tell ya spread out, spread out Without a doubt.... man colour"
  • Ini Kamoze Come now
    "Come now, soldier don't linger Come now, are ya ready Come now, nimble like a ninja Come now, definitely Listen to me good and listen me well Cause it is only once that I will tell We don't have no room"
  • Ini Kamoze Cool it off
    "We interrupt this programme to bring you a special bulletin.... to the Russians and the Americans Go tell Russians to cool it off Tell Americans to cool it off Don't ya juggle with me life, Boss... Are"
  • Ini Kamoze Dream
    "Dream - Man ya living in a dream They running off with ya cream Now I'm a buzzing like a computerzed machine Never seen a thing like this a brand new box with old tricks I don't even see no seal This could"
  • Ini Kamoze Engeland be nice
    "Understand me man Un Understand me man Un England B nice England big on the ice England B nice England big on the ice I dunno what else to pass to you I done pass mi Dutchie and mi ridim too I dunnoi what"

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