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Angka main sydney togel 7 oktober

  • The Main Event - Rez Band
    "Step right, step left, (many's a checks?) Step right up for the main event Check your fantasy, hearts for sold Tell everybody you're paying on hold The power is on The power is on tonight The power is"
  • Quand On Avait 7 Ou 8 Ans - Mickey 3D
    "Si on regarde vers le soleil, Y a des souvenirs qui se rveillent, On voit passer quelques abeilles On se souvient Il suffit d'marcher sous la pluie Pour se rendre compte comme on est p'tits Au mois de"
  • 24/7 - Bebe Rexha
    "Can you let me be a girl? Can I put my lipstick on? Yeah sexy for myself, you can't tell me it's wrong And if I wanna cry, I'll be crying like child Because sometimes it gets hard, being a woman 24/7"
  • North Main Street - Ani DiFranco
    "The warmth of north main street Shows me how I took myself through Illogical landscapes with you Scribbling on napkins in foreign ports All sorts of sidewalks I don't traverse anymore All kinds of people"
  • Lijn 7 - Gunther Levi
    "Ik zag je dadelijk want de bus was bijna leeg Ik kon wel zweren dat ook jij een kleurtje kreeg Je sloeg je ogen neer, ik liep voorbij en zweeg Ik durfde nog geen teken van herkenning geven Op lijn 7 Ik"
  • My Main Roni - Field Mob
    "My main girl, aint that some shit I aint with it Niggas aint shit, bitches aint either All that fallin in love and all that It don't work, it aint never work Adam and Eve couldn't even true to each other So"
  • My Main Roni - Alicia Keys
    "(talking) My main gul ain't that some shit. i ain't wit it Niggas ain't shit bitches ain't either all that falling in love and all that it don't work it ain't never work Adam and Eve couldn't even be"
  • 24 7 - Lillix
    "1. Im never ganna run Im never ganna live Im never ganna hide oh... 2. I wait for you hoping the day will come I wait for you until it feels like forever and that time was spend on and wishing that you"
  • 7 Compartments - Rainbirds
    "7 C o m p a r t m e n t s I design that heart of yours I redesign that heart of yours 7 compartments plus one You might need it 7 compartments plus two You prefer that 7 compartments plus three If you"
  • 7-11 - One Dollar Short
    "Just another night, Another practice, Same old town, Same old time. Cruisin' in the car with the radio on, I wouldn't have it, Any other way.... Just another night at the 7-11, Slush puppies and skating. Talk"

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