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Angka main togel hk 28 september

  • September Girls - THE BANGLES
    "September girls Do so much And for so long 'Til we touched I love you, boy Never mind I've been crying All the time December boys got it bad December boys got it bad September girls I don't"
  • Remember September - Belinda Carlisle
    "I can see you when the rains come In a flood of memory And I go back To that place where love was new To those days of me and you We thought would never end... Remember September And the promise of love"
  • Black September - Dead Moon
    "The angry moon of august hung As I wrapped myself in you The winds of war had cut into As I tried to fight the truth And in that time I lost my youth And now I bear the scars With black september comin'"
  • September Song - Jimmy Durante
    "When I was a young man, caught in the girls, I played me a waiting game. If a maid refused me with tossin curls, I let the old earth take a couple of whirls. While I apply her with tears in lieu of pearls. And"
  • Late September - Deepest Blue
    "Is it late September and its getting cold We're putting on our winter clothes and winter smiles And I knew that I missed you and I dont know why That I never told you that your world collided with mine You"
  • September Skies - Brian Setzer
    "Written by brian setzer/william carter/christine schmidt/ruth ellsworth September skies Funny how that memory Never dies And when that first leaf falls Days turn cold, nights grow long Like an old sinatra"
  • September Sun - Type O Negative
    "September sun glowing golden hair Now keep in mind son she was never there Octobers rust bisecting black storm clouds Only the deaf hear my silent shouts Yet in the dark still he screams your name Nights"
  • September girls - Bangles
    "September girlsDo so muchAnd for so long'Til we touchesI love you, boyNever mindI've been cryingall the timeDecember boys got it badDecember boys got it badSeptember girlsI don't know whyHow acn I denyWhat's"
  • September song - Bryan Ferry
    "For it's a long, long time from May to December And the days grow short when you reach September And the Autumn weather Turns the leaves to flame And I haven't got time For the waiting game And the days"
  • September Song - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "When I was a young man courting the girls I played me a waiting game. If a maid refused me with tossing curls I'd let the old earth take a couple of twirls And I'd ply her with tears instead of pearls And"

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