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Angka pengeluaran fajar pakong lama 12 desember 2018

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Angka pengeluaran fajar pakong lama 12 desember 2018
  • Mushroomhead 12 Hundred
    "Is there really anyone there Fall on deaf ears all of my prayers The mother of nothing The mother of sin The father of decadence within us A brother of suffering inside Why cant you look at me now I"
  • Violent Femmes 12 Steps
    "I think I'm powerless over this. Only a power greater than me could store my synergy. I took my will into no will but thy will. Made a moral inventory of my moral story. One step, two step, three step,"
  • Ugly Kid Joe 12 Cents
    "Watching, waiting You know it shouldn't take this long Leaning, forward I know it couldn't possibly take much longer I know the pain moves on And I feel the same for the wrong Angels, walking, floating"
  • Einsturzende Neubauten 12 St
    "Zwlf Stdte Durchfliehen Wieder und wieder durchfliehen Alles mal zwlf Mal angenommen ergibt das Angenommene Male + nicht ergeben Zu spt um makellos zu sein Engeln harrend Engeln mit achtstelligen Rufnummern Engeln,"
  • Kelly Rowland Past 12
    "Past Twelve - Kelly Rowland Da-da-da-da-da. It's past twelve... Put it on lock... Show me what you got... Da-da-da... Da-da-da... I met this guy. He was always on the floor, But he's dancin' by himself. I"
  • Dannii Minogue Success (12")
    "Are you ready Are you ready Are you ready If youre wantin some action Ive got something for you A funky style with attraction A kinda life with a different attitude You have expensive possessions Your"
  • Blues Traveler 12 Swords
    "Here I stand and alas Of a warrior's class Apprentice turned sorcerer I I've seen many wars end Made the battle my friend None am I afraid to defy I've done as I please Yet I fall to my knees Weak and"
  • Borixon 12 Pytań
    "Zaczynam znowu, mam nowy powód, posłuchaj ziomuś To kolejny rok po tym jak wyszliśmy ze schronu Kolejny krok do przodu, a razem ze mną (tak) Wszyscy ci, którzy byli pewni tego czego chcą Pozdrowienia jak"
  • Daniel Darc 18/12
    "Jamais plus tu ne marcheras dans la nuit Pour gagner l'aube Ce voile de larmes toujours prt tomber Sur tes yeux gris Il est trop tard pour appeler nos amis J'ai tout le temps demain Ce soir je vais rester"
  • Drugstore Speaker 12
    "That baby's going to heaven X3 These days, time is passing real slowly Not much I feel like doing I just wanna sleep away Maybe, I'll get myself into a coma Spend my whole life dreaming I just wanna"

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