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Arms aroud you

  • Shoulders & Arms - Tokyo Police Club
    "Another stone rolls over The republic is just one more year older But way out in the distance We see your white boots glisten in the sun We know you've come here with a plan To lift our city out of ruin Shoulders"
  • Loving Arms - Demis Roussos
    "If you could see me now, the one who said that he'd rather roam, the one who said he'd rather be alone. If you could only see me now. If I could hold you now just for a moment. If I could really make"
  • Open Arms - Claude Kelly
    "If I can't have your love No one else can See, I don't ask for much I just request that I be the only one Only one you keep around Can't live without you I don't care how selfish that sounds I'll just"
  • Ruby's Arms - Nanci Griffith
    "He will leave behind all of his clothes He wore when he was with her All he need's are his railroad boots And his leather jacket As he say goodbye to Ruby's arms Although his heart is breaking He will"
  • Open Arms - Ginuwine
    "MMMmmmm yeah Hey hey MMMmmmm Listen baby, it's been a while since I've talked to you And you've talked to me So this song is especially for you and I Listen closely baby Why can't we sit by the fireplace"
  • Open Arms - Tina Turner
    "Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies Come to me when you're down I'll give you friendly advice I'll be your avenue, your trusting ear Release your deepest secrets I'll be sincere It's an age old"
  • Crazy Arms - Mickey Gilley
    "Now, blue is a word for the way that I feel This old storm brewing in this heart of mine. This ain't no crazy dream, I know that its real Your someone else's love now, your not mine. Crazy arms that reach"
  • Everlasting Arms - Vicky Beeching
    "Come all who are weary, battleworn and weak Come all of us broken, tired and in need I for one am weary, lonely and afraid So let us run for shelter In the Savior's strong embrace Come one and all, let"
  • Anxious Arms - Jealous Sound
    "There was a guy making a plan Find a girl and she'd understand He'd say, "Please don't worry" And this one was right and that was the thing Closing your eyes and see wedding rings Well, there is no hurry A"
  • Friction Arms - Noise Ratchet
    "Dreaming in a nightmare, a dream you beg of me to lay you down to sleep And your reality is lifeless when you wake to me Leave it alone, take your hands off of my body Cause no one can save you from you So"

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