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Asle beck

  • Cut 1/2 Blues (Version 2) - Beck
    "Some folks get their kicks steppin on ants some folks fall for love and romance some like to roll in the mud and laugh my baby just likes to cut people in half I got the cut in half blues yeah the cut"
  • Ace Of Spades (Version 2) - Beck
    "Your silver blade, your ace of spade Ain't gonna help you when your coffin's late If you want it, can you get it, and you got it, and you're gone Then duck your head down the bend Ain't lied to the devil"
  • Aphid Manure Heist (Interlude Clip) - Beck
    "Amanda, light of the man's life Make sure the faith in the light and make heard The greatest woman The greatest woman To be the man's greatest wife I thought it all over, lord knows I've tried It's"
  • Slimy Power Chick (Interlude Clip) - Beck
    "Fish taco on my plate! She's been calling me every day! I'm a big believer, she's a deciever Now she's spreading herself too thin Go to dinner, chicken salad sandwich She gets bitchy and I can't make the"
  • Pay No Mind (Interlude Clip) - Beck
    "Tonight the city is full of morgues And all the toilets are overflowing There's shopping malls ripping out from the walls As they walk out from the manure That's why I pay no mind I pay no mind I pay no"
  • Special People - Beck
    "Special people all the time Special people on my mind Special people brown and white Special people getting all uptight Special people kiss my soul Special people take control Special people lick"
  • Tough Fuckin' Shit - Beck
    "Last night I was drinking up and tripping too Hanging out in every bar on the street Fuckin' round with sluts and whores is nothin' new So don't fuck with us 'cause we're gonna fuck with you 'Cause we're"
  • Satan Was Way Cool - Beck
    "Satan was way cool Everybody was in awe of Satan He never wore clothes, He just walked around with a goatee and horns coming out of his head He had tatoos and was probably into body piercing way before"
  • Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah - Beck
    "Morhoid grease breathing slob Singing blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Overkill supermarket pencil stealing fun Singing blah blah blah blah Hey baby, what's new? I got herpes just like you! A drive-by"
  • She Was A Beautiful Woman - Beck
    "Dreamed of a beautiful woman My nose started to bleed My hair was shedding like a dog My wife put my name on the bowl She put my body in the grave Nightmares always keep me alive I was treated like a dog"

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