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Babyshambles UnBiloTitled

  • Up The Morning - Babyshambles
    "Up the morning, up, up the morning Up the morning, up, up the morning Up the morning, up, up the morning Up the morning, up, up the morning Up the morning, up, up the morning Every time I see your face It"
  • What Katy Did Next - Babyshambles
    "There's a lesson I have learnt If you play with fire you will get burnt Hell hath no fury like woman scorned I'll tell you my story Make you wish you never, wish you Wish you never never, wish you never"
  • You Talk - Babyshambles
    "You talk, you talk a good game I wish I could talk the same And a song is just a game I'm getting good at cheating That's how you talk Ah yes, you talk a good game Won't you teach me the same? I would"
  • Merry go round - Babyshambles
    "You have always thinking of her You're in love and you don't know what to say But I saw her at the fair and she feels the same way She was married by the merry-go-round The merry-go-round How merrily we"
  • Nothing comes to nothing - Babyshambles
    "Won't you come come come back to earth They're all concerned You know how they're worried for you.. And all their words, they jar my nerves I know it ... by each new kisses ... through Nothing comes to"
  • Farmer's Daughter - Babyshambles
    "You've been travelling on a dusty road Break some bread with me! Your wife and donkey on a dusty road Now break some bread with me! Now come and watch' with me! And that's that to choose between this or"
  • The Lost Art of Murder - Babyshambles
    "Could roll a four Could roll a nine Find yourself washed up in paradise Just like before She never used to mind I lost my phone in paradise And what a nice day for a murder You call yourself a killer but"
  • (My Darling) Clementine - Babyshambles
    "Oh, My darling Clementine, you know I love you My darling Clementine, you know I do I bless and curse the day I found you I wonder why I get lost in the wonderland around you But you're always welcome"
  • 007 Shanty Town (cover Desmond Dekker and The Four Aces) - Babyshambles
    "0-0-7 0-0-7 At ocean eleven And now rudeboys have a go wail 'Cause them out of jail Rudeboys cannot fail 'Cause them must get bail Dem a loot, dem a shoot, dem a wail A Shanty Town Dem a loot, dem a shoot,"
  • A Fool There Was (Stookie + Jim version) - Babyshambles
    "A fool there was A fool there was Incision after incision, I Spike myself because If ever a fool there was I was a fool there was But you can't put that on me You can't put that on me I know what you say"

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