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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe

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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe
  • Catalin Josan Don't wanna miss you
    "Ohhh,Ohhh You say you love me every day And then you always run away I don't know what I need to do To show you I am in love with you You are the one It's not just for fun Don't wanna miss you,tonight I"
  • The Script Six Degrees Of Separation
    "You've read the books, You've watched the shows, What's the best way no one knows, yeah, Medicated, hypnotized. Anything to take from your mind. But it wont, ohhhh ohhh You're doing all these things out"
  • Hey Monday Turn The Clock
    "How many favors do you have left? Before the deed is done with How many branches will I break Before I reach your standards Some breaking news! I'm too good for you! I broke off the chances to get all"
  • The Fray Turn Me On
    "There's a sentence on my father On my sister, on my brother There's a terror in the corner That will make your blood run cold And it goes back to my blood line When we tried to walk away But I want you"
  • Karmin I'm Just Sayin'
    "Ohhh If I want it I'm gonna get it And I'm just sayin', I'm just sayin' /x2 Future in my hands Gotta make it count Convince yourself it's feasible Then there's nothin' else Sick addiction Dangerous"
  • Labrinth Vultures
    "I think I might have said too much About a bag of gold That I have hiding in the line of my coat I think they probably know too much About the things I've done Cause there all breathing just a little too"
  • Razorlight Before I Fall To Pieces
    "Oh one more drink and then I'll go But there's one more thing I've got to know Does he take you places that I don't? What happened to the story that we wrote? You just say you don't know, you don't know Oh"
  • Labrinth Let The Sun Shine
    "I feel a cold flush going through my hair And hey you know what I don't even care The time has passed me by It's gone with the wind It's all because the sun shined once again Now the party's on Everybody's"
  • Labrinth Beneath Your Beautiful (feat. Emeli Sandé)
    "You tell all the boys no Makes you feel good yeah I know you're out of my league But that won't scare me way out no You've carried on so long You couldn't stop if you tried it You've built your wall so"
  • Carrie Underwood One Way Ticket
    "If you’re tired of your life and the way that you feel Like a fish on a hook, Like a bug on a dirty windshield, it’s ok It’s time to take your chips and cash them all in Cause it matters where you’re going Not"

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