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  • Praise The Bones - Astral Doors
    "(Johansson / Nordlund / Lindstedt) Come along Won't you hear my song? Well, there's a mystic river; many people shiver But I will burn with delight Dragons to the left; maidens to the right Brimstone,"
  • Pull The Break - Astral Doors
    "Came out of speed and I knew that I'd won Turning the steel for the king and his crown Scared from the start, I could never be late Leaving the others for a lonely day You know I never needed love Don't"
  • Fear In Their Eyes - Astral Doors
    "(Johansson / Haglund) In the picture of the soldier In a world that's getting colder Colors balms for my kind Some were looking for this haven Rumors blowing in the wind Oh please, let me stay for a while They"
  • Stalingrad - Astral Doors
    "(Johansson / Nordlund / Lindstedt) Russian tundra, cold is the night Still it's not too late There's no bail; Siberian trail Doomed to live my last days Like a cursed in the dark From the eye you can't"
  • From The Cradle To The Grave - Astral Doors
    "With a gun inside your mouth life's rushing by In the shade of sin; to live you have to die Convicting yourself to the cross; it was your loss The face made of tragic and tears: Now it's here It goes"
  • The Flame - Astral Doors
    "(Johansson / Nordlund / Lindstedt) Well, I know I was born with a crown made of troll Faking a smile and I try to move on Calling the shots like the king of the flies Hiding myself, but my art's gonna"
  • Path To Delirium - Astral Doors
    "In the feet of dawning; to the pagan sea For the breath of yawning; falling like a leaf See the cries of the aged and wise The know where the world will go Way down to the train of the caravan Won't you"
  • Black Rain - Astral Doors
    "Fly away; Enola Gay Carrying the bomb of judgement day In their minds they knew it too well Angels sent from hell The empire strikes; pacific suprise Harbour's on fire, a fatal advice Victory; the world"
  • From Satan With Love - Astral Doors
    "It's wrong; It's right You will explode like dynamite For real; you're sodomized I am an evil boy My music shall be played loud Running with the greyhound I'm hard; stakes are high Looking for the manna"
  • Tears From A Titan - Astral Doors
    "Here I'm lying with the dying This is a song about a crime, we must tell it again and again The people cry; revolution, but no one dares From a whisper in the leaves to the breeze off the ocean Domino"

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