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Beastie Boys Gratitude

  • Boys - Midnight Fall
    "Listen up, listen up, and I'll tell you all about the chances I have taken she appreciates the songs I've written and every single chance I get to play them out on stage, I take it every word I am spitting"
  • Michelle's Farm - The Beastie Boys
    "yee haa oh shut up you pig f**ker you're so ugly. Adam. you look like a zebra your mother's a zebra why don't you get a haircut farm boy? f**k the chickens I don't like milk f**k the chickens I don't like"
  • Revenge Is Profitable,, Gratitude Is Expensive - Fully Down
    "I can see clearly Writing down the first line in my mind My convictions stay true Keep the words I said Take the time tonight and write this song about You never thought I'd be the one Believe me, It's"
  • Boys Will Be Boys - Backstreet Boys
    "Whoa, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, whoa, oh Boys will be boys, hey Whoa, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, whoa, oh Boys will be boys You've got something So incredible in my eyes My heart starts pumpin' (My heart starts pumpin') Whenever"
  • Lonely Boys - Lonely Boys
    "A lonely boy waiting for a lonely girl. A lonely girl looking for the perfect world. And you know he'll treat her nice And you know they'll never fight And you know they'll be all right spending time. A"
  • Boys Will be Boys - The Ordinary Boys
    "I've had nights i will never forget I've had nights i will always regret but i can take it on the chin, and say "Boys Will Be Boys" There's been girls that have stolen our hearts, but the others said"
  • Party's getting rough - Beastie Boys
    "Got the groove Got the groove Everybody say Oh-waaaa Oh-waaaa Say Oh-waaaa Oh-waaaa Say Ta-Daaa Ta-Daaa Say Ta-Daaa Ta-Daaa Agh yea - Agh Yea Oh-waaaa Ta-daaa Oh-waaaa Ta-daaa Ta-daaa Agh yea yo Ta-daaa"
  • Mark On The Bus (nishita) - Beastie Boys
    "Beastie Boys Miscellaneous Mark On The Bus (nishita) Good morning, time to get up and go to work I ride on the bus into the city everyday I sit on my seat and i dream myself away I dream i'm on an island"
  • Paul's boutique - Beastie Boys
    "These are the lyrics to the Beastie Boys' album 'Paul's Boutique' as printed in the US CD booklet. Note that phrases surrounded by asterisks are either sampled or otherwise not one of the three B=Boys,"
  • Ode to - Beastie Boys
    "I saw bureaucrat looking at me I'm gonna' go on a killing spree Don't vote for him vote for me He's a bureaucrat now I'm Beastie The new Reagan policy is getting the best of me The new Reagan policy is"

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