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  • So what - Three Days Grace
    "So what if I'm crazier than crazy? So what if I'm sicker than sick? So what if I'm out of control? Maybe that's what I like about it You can say that I'm going insane And I'm not quite right And that"
  • What Gives? - Exit 159
    "Say I'm alright. Everything is cool and okay. So turn out the light. Watch my world slowly slip away. With everything I try so hard, and this is what I get. So what gives? Yeah What Gives Oh I've been"
  • What If - Ruben Studdard
    "Umm, Umm, Umm, Ummmmm hmmmmm... It's the smarter thing (Ohhh ewww... Oh whoa... Ohhh....) Aww Baby What If (What if, What If, What If) Yeah, Yeah, Girl (What If, What If, What If) Spend the day at the"
  • What If - Johnny Orlando, Mackenzie Ziegler
    "Let's talk about all those things that we shouldn't talk about Those kinda words that will change all the things we talk about Tell me do you ever think of us? Should i ask for more or should i stop? What"
  • What If - Simple Plan
    "What if I lead the way What if I make mistakes What if I change the world What if I take the blame I remember going back to the place we used to lay But I keep losing track Another days, they all turn"
  • What About - Janet
    "We walked along the beach What a moon lit night He held my hands in his He kissed me he said I wanna spend my life with you I want you for my wife Just then I thought Chorus: What about the times you lied"
  • What If - Meg & Dia
    "Stand tall Head and shoulders down They don't make them like us anymore You failed to see that I am not your shadow I can be more You said the world is hard to face I am your umbrella, Megan But I can"
  • So What - No Angels
    "Tell me baby what you wanna say Your back again for old times sake Tell me baby what you trying to do Listen up cause I'm telling you You ain't ever coming back again Make the most of the time we"
  • What for? - Aija Andrejeva
    "I've asked my angels, why? But they dont know What for do mothers cry And rivers flow? Why are the skies so blue And mountains high? What for is your love always passing by? Ive asked my uncle Joe But"
  • C'est What? - Supertramp
    "Yes I've been waiting Waiting patiently and waiting Well if you ever feeling sorry So sorry for yourself And they tell you not to worry Just leave your problems on the shelf C'est what? C'est what, oh"

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