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Beth Hart Favorite Things

  • God's Favorite - Noreaga
    "Got to be God's favorite. A what's up all the people in the world "all the people in the world".. Everybody across seas.. Everybody, everywhere, that love N-O-R-E "I know y'all love me" I know my fans"
  • Favorite Writer - Magnapop
    "In Corsica The engines blew Your favorite writer died In a car In a crash Died in a fire imagine that In a car In a crash Die in a fire imagine that Engine, engineer The fire blew the balls main out It"
  • Favorite Son - Bartek Grzanek
    "You brought me here Into this world I heard you’re laughing When you left me alone My favorite sky, you can’t deny I you favorite son Despite my fears Whole of my faults I was fighting for nothing But"
  • World Favorite - Man Overboard
    "It's eleven thirty at night, and your in your bed nice and tight. Maybe your dreaming of me I am calling you, I am wishing you were here. I hope I didn`t annoy you today. If I did you answered anyway. Now"
  • Favorite sinner - Drugstore
    "When god comes to me I will be shaking Gun loaded on my ?knee? My fingers waiting, gonna tell'em I was born... mistaken Then I'm gonna let my finger sleep God help my shaking head I can't see a line,?a"
  • New favorite - Kra
    "New FavoriteThey All Say ItI'll Say It TooYou've Got a New FavoriteYou Won't StandbyYour Right Hand GuyIs Nothing NewYou've Got a New FavoriteWhy do You Lie About Love?I Saw the Light Go Out(Interlude)And"
  • Favorite Drug - Styles P
    "(feat. Rashad) Somethin 'bout you, I don't know, HA HA~! Yeah... Heyyyy-yayyyyy You're the one (yeah) You're the one, yeahhhh (that's what it feels like) You're my favorite drug (you're my favorite"
  • Sentimental Favorite - Owsley
    "Waiting for someone to finish the story Of a heart that's been broken and thrown on the floor Picking up pieces to put back together Hoping it beats like before It's all between you And it's all between"
  • Favorite Thing - The Replacements
    "Yeah! Yeah, kid, it's a-really hip With plenty of flash and you know it Yeah, dad, you're rocking real bad Don't break your neck when you fall down laughing Donna, wanna, Donna Yeah, I know I look like"
  • Favorite song - Nine Days
    "What if everything you had Was like a castle made of sand Why don't you open up your hand and hold on tight What if everything was wrong and no one knew your favorite song there is no one left to sing"

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