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Bheem cartoon

  • Fade To Black - Nields
    "You smile at me and I smile right back. There's nothing to say; Just a laugh track TV trays and plastic spoons, metal skies and cardboard moons You kiss my lips and I kiss yours too. We sing off key our"
  • Bitter Truth - Saint Vitus
    "I knew a man, I 'm proud to say But he couldn't live in a world he couldn't see The laws of life, it 's ways are cold Hidden patterns genetic mold No one seemed to know for sure A knowing look of falling"
  • Static - Screeching Weasel
    "static it almost has you begging for a gun to put to your head static cryogenics for the mind crawling for the safety of your bed static another strip mall solution for the endless insanity static deliberate"
  • Cereal Killer - Jelly Green
    "Follow your nose, it always knows the flavor of death where ever it goes, Terror in the supermarket, shoppers are in horror, Shredded boxes in the aisles, corpses on the floor, Those who ran, this joy"
  • When i met you - Daniel Johnston
    "I saw the future of the future and what to do Cna you see me now I'm more than willing and I want to be your pal Life's crooked hand Has already pushed us back together again I want you awful now And I'm"
  • Love your self - Michelle Branch
    "Is it too bad to say a few things for you?is it too much to have a big tattoo?some things you have to do if you dont want life be hardi just want some love from you to youis it too bad to say a little"
  • Hit and run - Monsoon
    "Dont remember what he looked like I was dazzled by the stars Spinning like Cinderella And I dont know what it was That suddenly ran up my spine Froze my cartoon heart at the stroke of midnight Nobody there"
    "pierdole hasztagi, nie robie juz bragi, czaisz pierdole - nie robie # al bundy dlon w jaja i na kanape, pizdy # hipokryzja mam talent i naped na na na top listy, po po po populista,?! dzisiaj, to jest"
  • Useless - Ministry
    "Tell me what I want what I need for all my Show me what I get what I earned and why Keep me all yours, braindead and useless Take my cues when the crippled many Must sit with you, corrupt, without"
  • Dying In America - Dio
    "Once upon a high The streets were gold and blue was In the sky riders gone Never could belong Maybe you still can dream Sleep through screams While we're dying in America Once upon a child The carnival"

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