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Bliźniaczki olsen

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Bliźniaczki olsen
  • Olsen Twins The noise about boys
    "They say boys will be boysWell that's not overblom'Cause thei're forever all together any different timezoneWhat could be more enoying then thisHang around and some moreand you try to have a big listHow"
  • Olsen Twins The spirit of christmas
    "Christmas time comes but only once a year.Reminding everybody that they should be of good cheer.Families gather by the tree and sing,About the happiness and brotherhood the season brings.There's twinkling"
  • Olsen Twins I bo believe it's christmas eve
    "Ashley: Hurry up! They're going to be here any minute.Mary-Kate: I'm going as fast as I can Ashley.Are we ready?I don't know.Just look at all the snowAnd the lights in the tree,And the wreath can you see?All"
  • Olsen Twins I can't hear my parents call
    "Mother: Mary-Kate!Ashley: Mom's calling.Mary-Kate: Really? I don't hear anything.Mother: Time to brush your teeth!Ashley: You're right. I don't hear anything either.I hear caterpillars crawling'Through"
  • Olsen Twins I'd rather be surfing
    "When I see the sun is shining,I can tell you this is going to be my day.I grab all that I need, out the door.Hey, I'm on my way.You can go and swim, I don't care.You can act like a fish if you dare.Cause"
  • Olsen Twins I'm still me
    "What do you see when you look at me?Just use your imaginationCan you see me on the cover of a magazine?Like the beautiful models that everyone's seenVogue or Chic or MademiselleIt's all so glamorous, and"
  • Olsen Twins The waiting game
    "Something is enough to drive me insaneWho made up the rules to this silly game?It's no fun at allWishing he would callStanding around hoping for some guy to drop the ballChorusWaiting, Wait, WaitingCause"
  • Olsen Twins Too much to do
    "We've got cookies to make, we've got carols to sing.If we type while we bake, we'll be done by Spring.Do we have time to buy Christmas dresses?Should we try to stuff the stockings, roast a ham,and be in"
  • Olsen Twins Toys
    "I don't know about you but I'm not through'Cause when we're wrinkled and grayI hope there's still a kind in you,Who wants to come out and play.What is this gadget in hand? What is for?It's not my imagination,"
  • Olsen Twins I've got something in my lunchbox
    "I've got something in my lunchbox.I don't really know what it was.I don't really know where it came from.But it's certainly covered with fuss.Maybe it could have been chocolate.Maybe a caramel or two.I've"

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