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Bocoran togel Hongkong malam ini dri admin pusat 4d

  • Beneath The Wheel - Dri
    "Beneath The Wheel Go! - Don't be late First one out of the starting gate Run! - Be on time First one to cross the finish line Swim ahead of the school If you have to, cheat If you never slow down You'll"
  • Enemy Within - Dri
    "Mommy, Daddy Help me please I beg of you I'm on my knees Save me from This Life I Lead The pain, the blood The agony I want to stop Somehow I can't The time draws near I start to pant Once again I put"
  • Strategy - Dri
    "Question marks In my head My mouth cried And my eyes bled I streched my thoughts Put them on the rack In a mind so dark It's almost black Strategy [2] These distorted, contorted Ideas of mine Are telling"
  • Labeled Uncurable - Dri
    "Felling sick and weak inside Lost all hope and my pride Something's gone wrong with me Diseased body, what can this be? She turned me on to her fate Now i lie here losing weight I was home and being bored She's"
  • Soup Kitchen - Dri
    "Vicious circle's got me down Days turn into weeks of hanging out Got to shake these soup kitchen blues Growing tired of barley cabbage stew And there being nothing Nothing new to do Dumb and hungry, we"
  • Mad Man - Dri
    "He's old and cranky and he's got white hair He yells at us in his underwear He'll attach you like a crazed bear But come on in, don't be scared Mad man, he'll kick down the door Mad man, he'll call you"
  • Stupid, Stupid War - Dri
    "You think you look good in your new uniform Starched and pressed into the perfect norm Until uncle Sam puts a gun in your hand Points you in the wrong direction and says, "kill that man!" Well, I don't"
  • Counter Attack - Dri
    "Counter attack! Counter attack! We've his underground long enough They've got power, but not enough Time to start, time to act They've got our lives They've got us trapped Stab the system in the back Face"
  • Couch Slouch - Dri
    "Home from school and here to stay I'll take it easy again today Ain't gonna work, don't need no pay Couch Slouch Fuck Off My mom don't like the way I live She says I take but I don't give My dad can't"
  • God Is Broke - Dri
    "Salvation's around the corner Just dig into your soul Donations for the holy word A paycheck for god's goal His iron-handed, spiritual rule Is that what you fear most? God is green, a numbered face A scamming"

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