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Boya Chile black

  • Black & Blue - Brand Nubian
    "Cool-ass al, he got a badge from the neighborhood yo Fly police car, the ninety-two mod-el.. now check it out Now al used to rob, used to smoke, used to steal And he rolled a mean game of dice A factor"
  • Black Jesus - House Of Pain
    "They call me White devil, black Jesus Heaven closes, hell freezes Ego's trippin' Scripts keep flippin' Bloods keep bloodin' Crips keep crippin' Time keeps slippin' And I keep fallin' And I can't see but"
  • Black Jesus - Everlast
    "They call me white devil, black Jesus Heaven closes, hell freezes Ego's trippin', scripts keep flippin' Bloods keep bloodin', Crips keep crippin' Time keeps slippin', and I keep fallin' I can't see but"
  • Black Light - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Hopped in my car Went down to Birmingham, Alabama (There I) went to the museum of civil rights And got a lesson in suffering (There I) saw the likes of Rosa Parks, Medgar Evans, Dr. Martin Luther King And"
  • Black Wall - Dennis DeYoung
    "I was lucky you know I wasn't there I didn't have to go and face my fear But still this hidden pain Comes up from the belly of the beast And even ten years past We're haunted now from both sides of the"
  • Jacob Black - The Mitch Hansen Band
    "Jacob Black She's not coming back La Push has come to shove And she's through with you Can't you see You're just a dog to me If you come near her again I'll eat you too First you missed her Then you kissed"
  • Black Tongue - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "Hot AWWW You can keep your black tongue Well i found at the mortuary you know i'm gonna want some want some we'll hide in the backroom gonna have a packed suit with this you will regret just let it be"
  • Black Superman - Above The Law
    "'You heard about what's goin on in there?' 'Heard a lotta bullshit cocked, I know that much' 'This isn't bullshit my friend' 'Do you know somethin?' 'Don't listen' 'What'd you know?' 'Maybe I do and maybe"
  • Black Lung - 16 Horsepower
    "walkin' up with winkin' eyes seen that tight-lipped grin i could tell from a mile away boy you weren't my kin you best put a bridle on bridle on that tongue save your breath for breathin' buddy an' run"
  • Black Republican - Birdman & Lil Wayne
    "''(Intro)'' Now this is what they've been waiting for Ya dig, Santana Weezy F. Ay Wayne What up man What you been workin' on nigga? Oh you know, I got Currency's new album And prolly workin' on my album,"

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