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  • How Do You Do - BeFour
    "Chorus: How do you do You like me and I like you Come and take me by the hand Cause I wanna be your friend How do you do You like me and I like you Say how do you do you do How do you do you do When I'm"
  • What Do You Do - Great White
    "(Lardie, Kendall, Russell, Niven, Thompson) I can't get close enough to you babe I need to squeeze it up so tight I can't get close enough to you babe I need your lovin' every night Maybe your love, maybe"
  • Do zobaczenia, do jutra - HOLAK
    "HOLAK 16 stycznia 2018 r. zaprezentował teledysk do premierowego singla ,,Do zobaczenia, do jutra”. Piosenka traktuje o zamknięciu pewnego etapu życia, jakim było wydanie solowej płyty. Jednocześnie jest"
  • Do What You Do - Tina Turner
    "When you say the things you say you gotta mean it and when you do the things you do, it's gotta come from the heart Something's gone, I can't explain. The heat is missing from the flame can't deny it,"
  • Why Do I Do - Tyler James
    "No no Yeah Yeah Every time I rise and fall When I thought id seen it all But my backs still up against the wall First you was good to go Then you turned around and said no no And as I'm walking out the"
  • What Do You Do? - Dog's Eye View
    "Sad lonely boy caught between perfection and directions to the next big thing It gets so hard sometimes-- Stuck between what you have and what you think you need What do you do? When the world swallows"
  • What do you do - Papa Roach
    "I got a one-way ticket on a hell-bound train With nothing to lose and nothing to gain Nobody ever taught me how to live I'm feeling like I'm lost - Like I'll never be found I'm twisted and I'm turned around"
  • Do Wot You Do - INXS
    "In a reflection of days gone by I stayed awake all last night When morning came, I was still unsure To laugh or cry, I'm needin' more And it's not easy to take the time From all we need, we cannot hide We"
  • What Do I Do - Nyoy Volante
    "WHAT DO I DO Nyoy Volante Acoustics: Nyoy With Mannos (2003) INTRO What would you do if I told you that All that I do's think of what we had What would you do if I'm not the friend I used to be Well,"
  • Why Do You Do - Los Lobos
    "(Cesar Rosas) Why do you do the things you do to me Why do you do the things you do to me I love you Baby now Baby can't you see You got me jittery nervous all through the day You got me jittery nervous"

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